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Hy Guys, it’s A. again!

In the name of cooking, look what I ran into this afternoon!

Ratatouille? Yeah, everybody knows who He is! My favorite cartoon – chef of all time! It’s because I often feel like Him, making five stars dishes (in my head), but when it comes to the realization I simply stop. Why? Because I don’t always have a suitable pot for my extravaganza meal…

ratatouille stev in FIREUP

Also, ratatouille is a french dish, stev – to be precise.

Here comes the connection – FIREUP! Beautiful piece of cooking art, for every meal your head imagines, you can make with it. Even ratatouille!

Fireup from the top

Design that raises the standards

The FIREUP Dutch oven is already being described as a design classic. Like the Alessi lemon squeezer (created by Philippe Starck), or the Apple iPhone (developed by Jony Ive), the FIREUP Dutch oven is an ideal example of a statement product.

Form competes with function in an ideal way! The layout is the straight result of blending research study and also item style to create something as useful as it is beautiful.

Heat exchange theory

Their signature fin modern technology was created based on heat exchange theory used in rocket design. It enables even warmth distribution on all stovetops and also in stoves, and also higher effectiveness on gas hobs by navigating the flame around the frying pan and also right into the fins.

fireup stovetops

The fins retain warmth and create an oven-like ambient, that surrounds the pot. They additionally make the pan look unique and representative for putting it on the table.

heat distribution

The FIREUP Dutch oven is a perfect example of scientific research meeting great style. Monttheir premise is simple: to provide an amazing food preparation experience.

Spinning FIREUP

FIREUP Dutch stove is simply the best size possible

Some chefs favor higher depth for frying and also cooking, while others desired their Dutch stoves shallow for easy braising and also searing. The size and shape of our Dutch stove are similar to some of one of the most versatile designs on the market, permitting you to do practically everything you imagine. All that in one piece of cooking equipment. The five-liter quantity is perfect for 4 to five people!

Handles of FIREUP

They included cast-in extra-wide handles so you can grab it with oven gloves, that you can serve it directly to the table.

Extraordinary cooking experience

The perfectly-fitting lid preserves steam when you braise, sear or boil, enriching the flavor as well as the aroma of your food. The cover has an increased rim to make it secure when serving.

cooking spaghetti in FIREUP

You can bake, sauté, simmer, roast, fry as well as sear. The versatility of cast iron enables you to develop countless recipes, regardless of the food preparation technique.

backing bread in FIREUP

The FIREUP Dutch stove can work on all stovetops from gas to induction. Being made from cast iron you can additionally roast as well as oven-bake in it (oven secure approximately 260 ° C/500 ° F). The black-enamel inside allows for high-surface-temperature food preparation, excellent for browning, grilling, and also blackening. Premium cast-iron additionally offers longer warmth retention, maintaining your food warm as you serve straight from the oven or stove to the table.

Cleaning up

cleaning FIREUP

The smooth matt black enamel on the inside of the frying pan is naturally stain-resistant and requires no seasoning. Interestingly, it will accumulate a patina in time, which will boost cooking performance. It is very easy to wash it by hand and is dishwasher risk-free. With proper treatment, your frying pan can last a lifetime!

Design and production

To take their layout from the laboratory to your table, they spoke with chefs and cast iron users to recognize what matters most when they cook. We used this info to improve the style to consist of extra-wide handles, a tight-fitting cast-iron cover, and also a dark stain-resistant enamel surface area on the inside. They additionally made the FIREUP Dutch oven the perfect shape and size for versatile food preparation.

in -close look

Optimizing the design took months. After that, they moved on to prototyping, and also made modes that could be evaluated by expert cooks. The reaction was amazing, with chefs talking about the even cooking and also superior heat retention. The design is so unique, as well as looks fantastic when serving directly to the table.

Produced in Belgium, in an iron foundry

Over 80-years of experience meets new design and technologies. Each piece of cookware will be using recyclable moulds, after that hand-finished. That way you can get special pieces that mirrors both the technology as well as craftsmen’s skills. The durability of cast iron means that whether you prepare every day or occasionally, your FIREUP Dutch oven needs to last a lifetime.

castin iron in factory

The manufacturing facility is totally compliant with the highest possible environmental and also work standards. It pays a fair settlement for workers and abides by strict security procedures and environmental criteria. Premium multi-layer toughened and chip-resistant enamel is one of the most reputable coatings in the industry. It is utilized by the top brands to create items that last for generations.

Firm and stabile


Attachments will be offered when the campaign finishes. They will include top-quality leather handles (to move the pot from the oven or stovetop to the table), a wood trivet – perfectly sized to match the pan. And there is also a leather hot pad to hold the lid when hot. Al that you can place in a top-quality bag for storage and also gifting.

Reusability as well as recyclability

100% of the cast iron is recyclable. We pour the iron into sand moulds as well as the moulding sand is recycled to make new moulds.

logo of FIREUP

We additionally make use of just recyclable products in our product packaging.

Free from Cadmium, Lead, PFOAs, and PTFEs – the enamel is 100% safe!

Tom & Raghav

Tom is an engineer, item developer, and also multiple business owner that invests a lot of his time working on jet engines and also rockets. He is a Design Scientific Research Teacher at Oxford College.

Tom and Raghav designers

 Raghav is a young business owner, from a family with 3 generations of cooking equipment production experience. When Tom and Raghav met, they discovered that they share the same passion for innovation and also cooking.


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