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FirstRec | World’s easiest to use voice recorder


For the first time, consumers of all ages can experience the unique advantages of audio recording! FirstRec is absolutely first!

In a sea full of unnecessary products, here comes something that will make You just say: WOW! Meet FirstRec, a small pocket wonder.


After years of upgrading voice recorders, they can finally offer the most pleasurable customer experience. They are excited to share FirstRec with the World. Enthusiasm for human voice connection is now on a completely different level. The first thing You notice is a fun vivid OLED display. With an intuitive menu, the FirstRec is standing out immediately.


Speech, language and paying attention are the key of communication. Aren’t they? This device provides all of that. And You don’t even have to bother with technicalities. Even a child can use it!

FirstRec is also developed to aid our elders. If You are struggling with Alzheimer’s in your family this is going to be a great helper. Or perhaps it will simply give small assistance to make life easier. Helping managing potential security dangers around the home, as well as minimizing stress, FirstRec becomes a must-have gadget.

Why is FirstRec so much better and also improved voice recorder then others?

The Instant Rec button allows you to start videotaping within a second. Isn’t that the first thing that You acquire in a product like this?


No extra steps like switching on the gadget, choosing the scene mode, or adding the password. Simply slide as well as record. The Kind Reminder function is great for memoranda as well as is sounds. Press it, document, and then leave it to do what is made for. The switch will flash till the message will be ready. His streamlined menu comes with user-friendly icons. That makes it easy to set it up and use it for everyone. The OLED color display makes it simple to read, even in the outdoors’s bright light. Also, it’s so fun to explore.

The USB port enables easy connection and also rapid information transfer without stressing or harming ports.

Password defense

You can maintain your private conversations safe with the 4 figure password. After discussing something personal, you can additionally playback the recordings straight on the device. Simply by connecting your headphones.


FirstRec is 20% thinner than standard recorders, gauging only.45 inch, as well as weighting just 2.65 oz, that makes it the lightest of its kind.


  • 8GB constructed-in memory Approximately 512 kBps
  • PMC & MP3 audio format
  • 30H battery life
  • Voice activation
  • NoiseCut innovation
  • Shock-resistant aluminum covering

There are no tricks right here. The FirstRec fits the costs and provides as promised. You obtain a lot of features with a marginal amount of bulk. That is absolutely fantastic for any individual who values being able to do more with much less.


Every one of their items shares a common denominator: efficiency and perfection. Not just do they function at their best, they are also unnoticeably different from other high-end products.


They aim is that every single product they produce is an item of exceptional standards as well as developed with great quality.

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