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Fitrus Plus 2.0 | Personal Fitness Assessment in your Pocket

Fitrus Plus 2.0

Fitrus not only measures 7 bio-data but also provides body analysis, trend, exercise, and nutrition guide to achieve your fitness goal.

Many of us maintain our health by going on diets and exercising. But have you ever experienced these problems below?

You went on an extreme diet and worked out excessively based on your weight and BMI, But you ended up experiencing a yoyo-effect or other health problems. Then how can we properly go on a diet and manage our health?

You should first check your body composition to take care of your health.

Many people go to the fitness center to use the body composition analyzer machine because it is expensive and big to purchase to use at home. The problem nowadays is that many people are unwilling to go to the fitness center.

However, there is a mini body composition analyzer device that resolves all these problems and provides the best motivation for diet and exercise.

Introducing Fitrus Plus 2.0.

Fitrus Plus 2.0 raises awareness of your well-being beyond recommending workouts.

It measures body compositions such as skeletal muscle mass anywhere at any time. It is a device that takes care of your health by measuring the heart rate and body temperature. Connecting the device to the app allows you to check your body condition every day. It basically acts as your personal trainer! 

Now, start your healthy life with Fitrus Plus 2.0.  

Do you doubt it’s going to work properly because it’s much smaller than standard body composition analyzer that you can find at the gym or the hospital?

Fitrus Plus 2.0 not only measures body composition, but also measures heart rate, stress level, body temperature, and even the temperature of other substances. It’s beyond the standard body composition analyzer.

Your weight on the scale doesn’t hold much significance because it cannot tell you how healthy you are. Scale readings represent your total body mass including internal organs, muscles, bone, blood, fat, etc. One who seems to be thin can actually be overweight according to body compositions. Likewise, you can’t figure out your exact internal body condition without knowing your body fat and muscle mass.

Fitrus Plus 2.0 allows you to directly check your body composition and condition. You can simply check your body fat, skeletal muscle mass, BMI, basal metabolic rate, body water, and step count all at once on the app. Additionally, it not only takes care of your body but also looks after your psychological health by measuring your heart rate and stress level.

The app allows you to check and control your body on your own. Fitrus Plus 2.0 is the best device that is beyond the standard body composition analyzer that can only analyze body compositions. 

It’s unlikely for people to have a large and expensive standard body composition analyzer device at home to use. Moreover, unless you’re always at the fitness center or the hospital, it’s inconvenient to visit those places every time you want to use it.

Fitrus Plus 2.0 only weighs 45g and provides you more information than the standard body composition analyzer machine that generally weighs more than 15kg.

It’s a pocket-sized device with excellent portability. With this device, you can just measure and analyze your body composition at home or even when you’re traveling without having to visit the healthcare center.

The app saves your body composition and bio-data in the cloud-based platform for it to be analyzed. Fitrus Plus 2.0 uses this data to provide a personalized service through the app. It analyzes your body composition, body shape, and even suggests appropriate meal plans and workout routines, which differentiates it from the existing body composition analyzing apps.

The app distinguishes the somatotype based on OSD’s self-researched body composition. It divides users into 3 body types, 25 specific subtypes, and provides a total of 139 comments regarding the health condition. 

Then it provides suitable health comments based on your results as well as the most appropriate exercise for your body. You can effectively manage your health since the recommended exercise also changes based on your changed body composition.

Also, it prevents you from following impractical meal plans that ruin your health by providing dietary reference intakes. Many people who diet and workout normally keep track of their routine by writing it down.

However, with Fitrus Plus 2.0, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can simply check your data and the change in your body through the app since Fitrus Plus 2.0 uses the auto-tracking charts system that automatically records your data upon measurement.

Line charts on the app allow you to intuitively see the change in your body. Fitrus Plus 2.0 is the best gym mate as well as a personal trainer. Even though it is easy for people to give up on exercise and diet, Fitrus Plus 2.0 motivates you to exercise and diet by showing visible changes in your body.

Most wireless devices need to be connected to Bluetooth every time you use it. However, Fitrus Plus 2.0 doesn’t require the standard pairing process because it has adopted the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology. With this technology, the device connects to the phone and the application automatically when you turn on the device. The device can also measure the body composition in 5 seconds, which allows you to check the data on your app right away.

The device can also be kept safe and clean even when multiple people use it because it uses an IR sensor which measures the body temperature without contact. Besides measuring the body temperature, it can also measure the temperature of other substances like bathwater. Thus, it is convenient to use in various areas in your daily life.

You can use Fitrus Plus 2.0 in your everyday life anywhere in any situation since it is designed to be water-resistant. Also, it will be okay even if you drop the device by accident. It’s extremely durable as it is made from a material that can withstand external impacts.

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you just turn on the device and measure your body composition without bringing your phone with you. But that’s alright because you can still check the basic body composition (e.g. step count, heart rate, remaining battery, temperature, and body fat) you measured lately through the OLED display in the middle of the device even without the app.

Also, you don’t have to bother about charging the device so often because you can use it for a maximum of 120 hours after charging it for just 3 hours. You can feel less concerned about the battery even when you travel far away or when you’re very busy.

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