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Flagship Light | Convert any skillet into a cast iron grill

Much healthier food with better flavor. Essential accessory for your favorite frying pan. Fat-reducing & dry heat cooking technologies

Dry heat is what differentiates a barbecue grill from a frying pan, where the food is either cooked or stir-fried in oil. Flagship Light will produce the complete impact of a fire grill in the convenience of your own kitchen.

Flagship Light

It looks astoundingly simple to utilize due to the fact that it really is.

Flagship Light slides right into any skillet as well as warms up from its surface area.

You can oil the skillet or use it without any grease.

The bottom of the grill is machined after casting to shed off extra weight. Solely for the initial Elite batch, which will certainly be manufactured throughout the project, they added brightening to produce the optimal smooth contact surface area.

Flagship Light

Lengthy hand sprucing up is not adequate for mass production. Although it’ll be consisted of in the limited Elite Set as an appreciation for your very early support.

It started as a joke. They wanted to fry eggs and cheese on the grill. The awesome outcomes led them to experiment with grilling anything. The final thought: if you can fry it, you can barbeque it. Equally as delicious, and much healthier.

Flagship Light

Flagship does not need a frying pan when utilized outdoors on an open fire, park-style Barbeques, charcoals, or outdoor camping cooktops. It wouldn’t take much space in your bag and will help you to manage the temperature to grill perfectly crunchy food in any unfamiliar conditions.

Before acquiring the brand and ending up being Flagship, their staff member assisted the original firm manufacture as well as supply benefits. They partnered with an actors iron facility. Now they possess IP as well as production molds to ensure timely manufacturing.

Flagship Light

All their items include a guarantee. Flagship Grill Light includes a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY. They evaluated it sufficiently to be sure it’ll last a lifetime.


The completely dry warmth system sets Flagship aside from the majority of grills and frying pans on the marketplace. While the food preparation ridges are leveled, the proprietary draining pipes networks are sloped to get rid of excess fat and moisture.

Flagship Light

The bottom of Flagship Light is perfect to keep drained liquids outside of the cooking area, maintaining quick warmth transfer and consistent temperature distribution.

As in any kind of outdoor grill, the dry warm modern technology assists to protect flavor and also keep the food juicier. At the same time, the food isn’t dripping with oil and fat.

Flagship Light

Mmm, cheesy, not oily! All Flagship items have pre-seasoning with all-natural vegetable oil and ready to use. And also the more you use it, the more non-stick it becomes.

The kitchen area is important but often we need to prepare even more food than one frying pan can provide. Flagship Light conserves room and time. Convert a number of skillets right into grills and cook surf-n-turfs or burgers as well as veggies at the same time.

Flagship Light

Their optional Flagship Easy Grips are from very durable stainless steel with non-slip silicone inserts. You’ll have the ability to get any accessories on the post-campaign study.

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