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Flex’n Fresh | DeliOne Container Reusable&Food Grade

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They made stunning, premium food containers. Flex’n Fresh brings more than just an eye-catching appearance.

Flex'n Fresh

The stretchable lid can raise the volume by 50%! Not only that, however, it likewise extends to 200% in heights. Save a wonky-sized dish, trust me – Flex’n Fresh can handle it.
Do not worry, all that stretching doesn’t do any kind of damage to this container. A high deformation tolerance can handle it excellent.

Flex'n Fresh

Listen to this, you can stretch them as much as 10,000 times! No worry about splitting or breaking in any way. Most probably you won’t put them through that much, though. Yet you can try!

Flex'n Fresh lid

Besides all those stretches, they took care to be 100% leakproof. Fill them with your soup of the day – they won’t splash, or even let a single drop in your bag.
Durable shrink film, that is made of, passes the leak examination. With a thumb edge of 100mm. You wonder just how is this even possible? It’s because of special overmold innovation. The lid’s slim cover consists of platinum liquid silicone. It’s a top-quality material with great transparency.  Ecologically and also chemically it’s similar to glass.

Flex'n Fresh platinum silicone

Using overmold technology makes Flex ‘n Fresh lid and locking components in one piece rather than 2.

Flex'n Fresh expandable

The great thing about Flex’n Fresh is that the latches will not diminish. Nor hide bacteria. Also, it’s less complicated to clean up. Without any leak whatsoever.

The Flex ‘n Fresh film is made with Japanese products.

After spending a year doing substantial worldwide sourcing they made a decision. They will use Japanese grade. Probably, it’s the best material available for food-contact safety. thanks to its platinum content it’s premium quality.

Flex'n Fresh

All of their products are dishwasher-safe. The film is temperature-safe to cover food at temperatures as much as 220º C (that’s 428º F). For example, conventional diminish wrap is good to just about 60º C.
Their very flexible materials last a long period of time. In addition, they are chemical-safe and BPA-free.  This premium liquid silicone is only 0.6 mm thick. And the most transparent silicone offered!

A Collapsible Coffee Cup is also a great add-on.

This tall to-go mug is practical to take to work, school, or on trips. It’s collapsible, and easy to bring on.

delione collapsible mug

This portable mug collapses to 2.4 inches, so you can take it as you please. Wash it in the dishwasher for deep cleaning. Or simply rinse it with water for day-to-day use.
Pour hot or cold liquids! It’s excellent for both hot tea and cold cappuccinos. This silicone is temperature-resistant. And it has an outside sleeve as well.Made from food-grade costs silicone, it can be found in Green and Red colors. And it’s absolutely BPA-free. The Collapsible Coffee Mug has no phthalates, lead, or glue.

Caring for the Planet is their mission.

That’s why they revamped a typically made products – to make them better for the nature.
With 10 professionals in the team, they think up cutting-edge ideas! Recognized and awarded by the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, this is the best quality proof. They also have experience with different rances. Such as technical production, optimum sourcing, marketing, and distribution operations. From design to technological growth and logistic, they do it all by themselves.

Their wish is that their brand will resolve a wide range of demands. Besides, they hope every person will give up, with time, on non-reusable items. The solution is to always bring your own container and bag. At DeliOne, they focus on quality. Long-lasting items are the solution for a better tomorrow. They’ll continue to develop even more cutting-edge kitchen items.

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