FLiPBENCH: World's Most Space-Saving Incline Bench
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FLiPBENCH | World’s Most Space-Saving Incline Bench

Flip it down – Workout Space! Flip it up – Living Space! You’re Welcome.

Meet the FLiPBENCH, a workout bench that flips down in like a second. Now you don’t have to go through all that annoying setup to work on your favorite muscle, the serratus anterior.

The majority of home workout equipment ends up forgotten under the bed or in the closet. You buy something with the best intentions, then you have to open your storage, dig something heavy out, lock things into place, and then you’re working out on a sub-par piece of equipment, well not anymore.

FLiPBENCH World's Most Space-Saving Incline Bench

FLiPBENCH is spring-loaded to make pulling it down and putting it up a safe and easy task.

It takes just 2 seconds to pull it down and you’re ready to work out. In other words, just flip it up and it’s completely out of the way.

There’s no disassembling it or finding an awkward space to store it.

With the FLiPBENCH you just pull it down and you have workout space. Pull it up, living space. FLiPBENCH is very solid, you can do any kind of exercise on it and it won’t fall over. It’s the result of years of design work with tinkering vibration. Their engineer, Tyler just happens to have a Ph.D. from MIT to make cool stuff. Kinematically optimal mechanism for leg extension.

FLiPBENCH World's Most Space-Saving Incline Bench

The FLiPBENCH’s is built for doing full workouts in small spaces, it can be used with any set of weights.

Dumbbells or resistance bands. Has multiple incline positions for a complete workout and allows you to do floor-based exercises in the same space you do your bench exercises. The FLiPBENCH’s elegant lines, wood legs, and performance fabric make it more than just a piece of garage workout equipment. This thing can go in the house, certainly, it’s a house bench!

FLiPBENCH World's Most Space-Saving Incline Bench

The best part is that when FLiPBENCH is up, it takes up less than one square foot of floor space, so it doesn’t go in your way.

The perfect solution for those that want to get a great workout at home without all the clutter and the hassle. It’s like that saying goes, you can have your bench when you get through. Simplify your workout with FLiPBENCH.

It takes up no space, looks awesome, and it’s sturdy as heck. Patent-pending workout bench of the future.

FLiPBENCH World's Most Space-Saving Incline Bench

By simply installing FLiPBENCH in a place that is easily accessible, you’re going to work out more and take a huge stride towards getting in better shape. Because FLiPBENCH exists in your living space (and looks great), is super satisfying to flip up and down, and removes all the barriers to starting your workout, you’ll find yourself flipping it down, picking up your weights, and exercising far more often. Science is cool!

FLiPBENCH World's Most Space-Saving Incline Bench

The original prototype of the FLiPBENCH was built as a pet project four years ago (it was meant to be a one-of-a-kind home workout tool).  After four years of use and the realization that flipping it down and banging out sets never gets old, they were convinced they needed to bring it to the world.

With incredible color options and high-end materials, this product makes a bold statement in any room and matches your mood/life.

FLiPBENCH World's Most Space-Saving Incline Bench

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