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FOCI 2 | Work Smart with Powerful Productivity Tech


Why work hard, when you can work smarter, but less hard?

FOCI 2 is an unmatched productivity tool! Along with the best-in-class focus ability training, offer yourself an amazing edge in your career and also grades.

Ditch the primitive time tracker and also whatnots!

Various other efficiency tools’ capability to track your efficiency dulls when faced with FOCI 2.


Start to draw an unmatched understanding of exactly how you function. Foci 2 system is specifically created to assist you! With that, boost your focus and productivity. The Foci 2 is a little gadget that clips to your waist. Also, carefully presses against your skin. It provides five different kinds of alerts. 

Pocket size Foci 2

That way allows you to understand when you slip out of focus. And also, when your attention slips away… And you become less productive. In time you will certainly have the ability to educate your body to get in a flow state. Imagine you can focus more easily, with decreasing disturbances, tension, and also exhaustion.

Staying in the dark is bad!

Get to know every focus, tranquility, distraction, stress, fatigue while you work! Learn when or why you lose focus. Or give yourself insight into just how well you do today.

update always

When something is not videotaped, it’s lost. Track your job sessions. View detailed performance stats on your functioning patterns… In fact, recognize just how you concentrate – and also record your triumph.

Why waste your time on an ineffective job when you are already fatigued?

Interrupt wastes, with timely nudges. Customize five types of distraction vibrations to remain efficient and productive.

measuring stress with foci 2

Take the shortcut. Update to a first-rate emphasis power! Simply by utilizing the most sophisticated training innovation.

Use it or lose it. Gain the intuition of directing your executive functions (EFs). Do it with an easy method of regulating the motion of ripples. Master this focus ability to peak your psychological performance.

Start or sign up with a Study Session with individuals who wish to get focused. See how well you stand among others and motivate each other.

Nothing is more sexy than smart! To ditch the old stereotypes, we can have both the brain and the beauty! Licensed by a jury of leading designers worldwide, FOCI 2 is a beautiful addition to your waistline.

girl learning

It would certainly command the second-generation equipment (machine) learning engine. This would certainly produce around a 2-3x efficiency increase from foci 1. What brings is reduced latency, faster knowing, smarter analysis… You will certainly see and feel the most effective performance. Provide yourself the edge!

levels od focus, attention on foci 2 app

The breathing pattern is closely correlated with emotional states.

 When we take into consideration exactly how our breathing adjusts when we are worried or relaxed, this appears to be intuitive. If we are focused, or distracted, this will certainly be mirrored in the little motions in our breathing. That movement sensor detects.

measuring levels with foci 2

When a study researcher finds a neuro-respiratory pattern, this needs analyzing a substantial data set. It takes hours of processing. They applied machine learning to do this naturally. Analyze the minute ebb and flow of diaphragmatic breathing from the waist. All in real time – with a tiny tool.

work smart play hard

Lasting style

 Durability is the main focus in FOCI’s design.

foci 2 design

Their engineers recreate the repetitive actions and interactions a device might go through. These are temperature level, moisture, and being mistakenly washed. Free software application updates and also raise item longevity.  Accessibility to new functions, for up-to-date devices, or older ones.

alert for focus

Reusability and recyclability

FOCI 2 utilizes stainless-steel clips. It’s strong and long-lasting. Also, aids your tools in lasting longer. It is additionally the most recycled product in the world. Stainless steel is recycled and melted without any deteriorating properties. It can be almost completely reused.

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“We oppose illogicality philosophically. Yet we do jump for joy over just one data point. We love models, designs and products that are tidy and neat. Yet we are ever so pious that science is the cure for everything else. A human is just as complex as the world is. We respect that. And with that respect, we, the Tinylogicians roll up our sleeves to solve problems that matter to you.”



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