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FORME | the modern-day supplement shaker

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

FORME’s functionality and design aligns the shaker with the rest of today’s fitness landscape

Who doesn’t want a shaker that won’t leak or smell, is easy to clean, has a silent shaker mechanism, a hidden storage container, a concealed drinking lip, regulates the temperature of the contents, and looks like it belongs in today’s fitness world. It took them over a year of hard work and perfecting, and it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it because FORME is the shaker solution the world has been waiting for.

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

FORME is a supplement shaker worth your attention! Its sleek and smart design seeks to normalize supplement consumption so that everyone can lead an optimal healthy lifestyle without judgment. Finally, a premium shaker for all supplement consumers – not just your average shaker!

Bulky, plastic, cheaply designed shakers don’t belong in today’s premium fitness landscape. FORME’s sleek, the smart design fits right in – it’s the final piece of the fitness puzzle.

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

Odors are caused by harmful bacteria sticking to the inside of your shaker, which gets even worse when it heats up. FORME’s kitchen-grade stainless steel body has rounded edges inside so that it is easy to clean and there’s nowhere for a powder to hide. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated body also regulates the temperature inside so that the contents stay colder for much longer than plastic shakers, meaning that it won’t get sweaty, smelly, and end up in the bin after just a few uses.

The painful sound of a metal whisk ball rattling around is the fitness equivalent of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard. FORME’s shaker mechanism works quickly and quietly and can be removed easily so you can wash it in the dishwasher.

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

FORME’s other great feature is a hidden container that removes the hassle of having to pack and carry around a separate plastic container each time you step out of the house.

When designing FORME, they wanted to make sure they addressed all of the common problems that people experience with their existing shakers.  Some of the decisions were easy to make, such as creating a lid that didn’t leak and removing any square edges inside that could lead to bacteria build-up. Other features took more time to solve, for example finding the perfect storage container size and shape to get an efficient pour. After a year of developing and revising the product, they finally built the ideal solution.

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

There’s nothing worse than spraying your new shorts with a chocolate banana-flavored protein shake. The vacuum-sealed lid removes the risk of any embarrassing situation.

  • The smooth drinking lip is fully concealed when the lid is on to minimize any contact with germs.
  • The vacuum-sealed, double-wall insulated body keeps liquids cold for 12 hours and hot for 8 hours.
  • Volume markings (ml + oz) on the inside make it easy to get your ratios to spot on.

Cheap, plastic shakers start to smell from the buildup of rotten powder in hard-to-clean places. They addressed this issue perfectly by rounding the inside corners to prevent residue from building up in the body of the shaker (and the storage container too!)

The stainless-steel body has a powder coat finish that won’t mark easily. It adds a little extra grip too.

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

The hidden storage container can hold up to 45g of powder or a portion of your favorite snacks. No need to carry around those extra plastic storage containers anymore. It locks securely in place with a simple and satisfying quick-click.

The storage container is shaped to make pouring easy, meaning no waste or mess. They rounded the edges and designed an efficient opening shape to the container that makes pouring powder efficient and direct, with less chance of spillage.

FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker

The non-slip silicone base allows you to place your FORME down the noise and stress-free.

You can take your FORME wherever you go. It’s easy to carry around and fits perfectly into your backpack, bike cage, or cup holder.

The 500ml capacity means you can stay hydrated throughout the day and mix your favorite supplements easily.

Forget the days when you need to carry an individual water bottle, coffee mug, and shaker. FORME is your perfect solution!

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