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Freewell | World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

7 Features丨20 Functions丨VND2-5丨VND6-9丨CPL丨ND32/CPL丨VNDXMIST2-5丨VNDXMIST6-9丨GLOW MIST

Photographers and videographers, no matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, Freewell Magnetic VND Filter kit will be something you will carry along with your equipment all the time. Very practical and convenient to use, you will enjoy it!

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

Providing an extended series of exposure values from two to 9 stops making use of just 2 filters. The Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Package is the first-ever all-in-one variable neutral thickness system that integrates the optical accuracy of hard stop filters with the comfort of a quick-swap magnetic mount. This provides photographers and videographers with one of the most functional and immediate solutions to any kind of shooting needs.

Now you have all the filters you require in one single system!

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

The Freewell Magnetic VND Kit includes 7 attributes (VND2-5, VND6-9, CPL, ND32/CPL, GLOW MIST, VND2-5XMIST, and VND6-9XMIST). A total amount of 20 features in one comprehensive package. You can now satisfy all your shooting needs on the go in the smallest, handy, and cost-efficient option. At equal or perhaps lower quality, nothing like this is available on the marketplace today.

Among the key differences between the Freewell Magnetic VND and every other VND filter is its fully magnetic installment system. It indicates the filters connect to the front of the lens magnetically. This cutting-edge, patent-pending system functions by simply installing the base ring on your electronic camera lens. After that, you will have the ability to snap or change your Freewell VND filters in just a couple of seconds. Supplying multiple options for any kind of illumination condition. Get ready to shoot exceptional images with amazing convenience!

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

The Freewell Versatile Magnetic VND Filter Package is a premium and specific magnetic system supplying an overall extensive range of filtering capacity with up to 9 stops (ND4-ND512) in simply one quick swap.

The magnetic adhesion is secure and reliable versus vibrations or cam shake while being quickly detachable at the same time. Freewell Magnetic VND Package is the ultimate, functional service that will take your picture and video clip production to the next level.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

Reduce the glare from ocean waves and catch a perfect blue sky with the built-in CPL technology of VND2-5 and VND 6-9/ ND32-CPL filters. Make use of the MISTXVND base (Glow Mist) lens to soften tones and add creativity to your images. Consequently obtaining pixel-perfect outcomes exactly on the place with almost zero post-production adjustments needed.

Catch what you enjoy in the way you like it! Change, swap, and integrate the seven filters in twenty various features … plus one! Yes, the Freewell Magnetic VND package likewise offers you full compatibility with using their existing Freewell Quick Swap Magnetic ND Filters, easily stackable onto the VND base ring for an additional ‘+1’ option that will transform this VND system right into a unique hybrid service.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

Made from premium high-def optical glass with a protective covering on both sides. Freewell Magnetic VND filters are water-resistant, dustproof, stainproof, oilproof, and scratch-resistant. They make sure of continual and reputable performance in any climate or shooting condition.

All filters included in their Freewell Magnetic VND Kit have been handmade and optimized to be part of a powerful and functional system with the ability to supply sharp images from center to edge without chromatic aberration or loss of detail, and at confirmed zero vignetting on focal sizes over 16mm.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

Moreover, Freewell Versatile Magnetic VND Filters boast a very resistant construct quality.

Each filter frame stands out with precision and resilience, supplying top-quality imaging for countless years to come.

The filter base magnetic joints are safe and precise to make sure improved security. They also stand up to video camera shake while leaving the ring nut securely fixed on the set value.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

The metal knurling on the bezel along each ND degree of stamina helps grasp when relying on change values and supplies an instinctive touch. It boosts the accuracy of the stop setting. This gives a smooth, top-notch customer experience for both amateurs and pros.

The transition from one-stop value to the next is smooth and progressive. Which helps to stay clear of filter overlap and minimize X-pattern occurrences. Currently resolved by the clear control over the maximum and minimum values of each Freewell hard stop VND filter.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

The useful filter cap, with a clear Freewell logo on it, is well designed, convenient to use, and also not bulky when putting it on the filter base for protection during storage or transport.

The Freewell Magnetic VND Package provides the comfort of lugging simply 2 filters with you when traveling or shooting outdoors, with overall control of 2 to 9 stops whenever you need them. In addition, a round polarizer attribute is integrated on both filters. Plus, a GLOW MIST perk is included in the set for added creativity.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

Allowing you to control the quantity of light entering your camera with the use of one single filter. VND filters offer filmmakers the capability to make the most of a bigger aperture in daytime exteriors. Highlighting a sharp, clear subject against an obscured history or maintaining the structure during run-and-gun capturing.

The versatility used by the Freewell magnetic VND filters will make this system become an irreplaceable selection for all content designers as well as digital photography enthusiasts. Including any YouTuber or vlogger seeking the best shots spontaneously in any environment or lighting condition.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

Freewell filters are accessories that can be taken anywhere.

Stored in a practical, small, and functional case, each filter has a devoted compartment. So, you can carry it securely and install it quickly. In other words, allowing you to record ideal shots quickly with much less clutter in your kit.

Conveniently save your Freewell filters from dropping and scratching while carrying them in this functional protective case.

Freewell World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

The full set of Freewell Magnetic VND Filters costs almost a third of the price if you were to buy the same set of individual (threaded) filters separately.

And lastly, here’s a tip to finding your camera lens thread size. The filter thread size is usually located around the rim printed underneath your lens cap or written somewhere on the lens barrel.

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