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G-Case | All-In-One Case for Nintendo Switch & OLED

G- Case

Hy guys!

Today on the market only fresh stuff!

Take a look, especially You – gamers crowd, this is my daily offer!

G-Case is a small, comfy as well as effective Switch over video gaming case.

It levels up your console PC gaming experience! This is the only case you will require for Switch and OLED.

G-Case design

They understand that may appear as a bold claim but…

Indeed this is something you must have been longing for!

  • Longer battery life,
  • Comfortable grips,
  • Detachable Joy-Con case,
  • Low-latency Bluetooth,
  • Additional video game card ports …
Space design G-Case

All in one small safety case!

To make it for video gaming on the move, they made an ecosystem of the dock, controller adapter, traveling case with G-Case. With Plenbo pc gaming accessories, they turn your Change into a weapon. This can really stay on par with your video game.

d+Design G-Case and light

Did You recognize the style? Yes! It originated from their favored anime: Gundam.

Love sinking countless hrs right into your game?

5 extra hr and replaceable design

Yes, but the battery drains so fast when you get on the go. Frustrating, right? With G-Case modular battery, you can get up to 5 hours of extra life. Still inadequate? Well, with a backup modular battery, you can refill the power at any time. Play as long as you want, play till the end!


Yes, the modular battery can charge most devices you carry around. Link your phone to the battery USB type-C port, press the button, and you’re ready to. Charge anytime as well as anywhere. Quick fuel your various other digital tools to use the most of this portable back-up battery.

The handheld mode is their favorite.

3 palm lenghts , handle mode

But it might be a bit uncomfortable sometimes. Specifically, when you play long-session games like Super Smash Bros. G-Case features three grasp sizes to match all sizes of hands. From youngsters to grownups. Ensure you have a perfect grip on the game. Longer playtime with optimum comfort.

style G-Case

In order to get the most effective grip, tons of playdough were tested.

As for the comfort, as well as the shape of the grasps. Also, a slew of 3D printing prototypes to confirm the style. Finally, three holds were selected. With the easy-to-change slide design, you now can seamlessly switch over to the one that fits you the best.

quick switch

Want extra control over your video game? With the detachable grip cases, you currently integrate the left as well as appropriate Change Joy-Con into one bigger. As well as an extra comfy controller in seconds. Separate, slide, game on.

Nintendo has Bluetooth audio upgraded finally!

Yet the latency is simply passable(SBC). So they have actually prepared a Bluetooth 5.0 version(optional). Additionally, with aptX-LL to get rid of lag. Audio latency is minimized down to 40ms, with the top-class Qualcomm CSR8670 chip. You now can connect 2 earphones. That way share the fun with buddies.

one stop gaming solution

Need more video games on the go? Right here are two added video game slots hidden under the grips. No longer need to take an extra video game cardholder.

G-Case benefits your following Switch (OLED model) as well.

To ensure it fits your Switch over & OLED flawlessly, they particularly designed 3 guide notches. They match the tool effortlessly and securely. Select the appropriate size. After that just dive deep right into the entire wide world with power.

features of G-Case

G-Case is not just created for portable mode. With a fordable kickstand and removable Joy-Con case, it’s also suitable for the tabletop mode. With their card-sized dock (OneDock), you can seamlessly enjoy big screen gaming.

A card-sized dock designed for Switch is suitable with G-Case. There is no need to get rid of the case for TV mode.

Support screen mirroring from phone or laptop computer, at approximately 2K 60 fps!Boost your Netflix experience. Have bigger displays throughout travel, and improve your productivity on extensive screens. Al that while focusing on the job.

OneDock is an all-in-one piece of equipment. Covers all of your demands, it’s a dock, a battery charger, and also a center. With 39W outcome, it can charge your phone, laptop, and several other devices.

It only takes him 1 minute to transmit 1,000 images. This saves you a big amount of time, doesn’t it?

And also they’ve prepared the Travel Plug Kit. Coming with OneDock for you on the go.

Short History

logo Plenbo

Back in 2019, they got a concept to make an utmost solution for Nintendo Switch weak points. They began to sketch a special gaming case to address the most bothersome troubles:

  • Low battery life,
  • Bluetooth not available,
  • Grips that are not comfy,
  • Lots of devices you need to carry around

This is how G-Case war was born. Now, they are here to reveal to You this Ultimate video gaming case. Bringing along more power and more game!

Plenbo Team
G- Case

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