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G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen & Work Glove Ever

Cut, Heat, and Water Proof with Insulated Callus Protection & Touch Screen Compatibility

G-Glove – the most complete work and kitchen glove is available for order right now!  Combining all the features users want in an attractive, functional, and affordable package. Protect your hands and get the job done in style with the new G-Glove.

G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen &Work Glove Ever
G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen &Work Glove Ever

Cut through everything but your hands. The G-Glove’s cut-proof material stops even the sharpest blade in its tracks. Protect yourself without compromising the task at hand. 

The G-Glove is nimble and flexible for full comfort and precision cutting in the kitchen and beyond. Cut down to the smallest detail like a pro chef without the glove getting in the way.

Easily wipe and clean while keeping all your fingers intact. 

G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen &Work Glove Ever

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. With the G-Glove you won’t have to! Built to handle the hottest objects with heat proofing up to 1000°F (540°C), it’s a must have for any home cooking enthusiast.

No more burnt barbeque. The G-Glove has you covered in any cooking scenario, inside or outside.

G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen &Work Glove Ever

Keeps you protected from fire, grease, and anything else that may jump out at you. Perfect for the campsite or outdoor fire. Impress your group. 

Get as close as you need, hot steam is no match for the G-Glove. So good you’d wish you were covered in it from head to toe. 

G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen &Work Glove Ever

Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done in full comfort and bliss.

Touch functionality to use with any touchscreen device or appliance. The G-Glove won’t leave your hands. So comfy you won’t even want to.  

Easy to keep your take-everywhere, clean-anywhere glove ready for its next task. No matter where you are, the G-Glove is made specifically for easy cleaning and ease of use in any scenario. 

Built tough for the toughest jobs, the G-glove is cut-proof and with special padding that keeps your hands protected from calluses all day long. 

G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen &Work Glove Ever

Life can throw anything at you, the gloves’ waterproofing ensures that you stay dry and comfortable underneath. Synthetic insulation helps you stay warm and dry by trapping and holding body heat while allowing moisture to escape.

The perfect outdoor companion that protects your most important tools – your hands.

G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen &Work Glove Ever

The G-Glove is made completely from fully-recycled eco-friendly materials. We have ensured zero waste and zero environmental damage during the production of the gloves. We have used artificial leather so that no animals are needlessly harmed, and made the internal synthetic insulation from recycled plastic. All in all, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve created here and hope you’ll use it with equal pride. 

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