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Galapagos | The Ultimate Sustainable Wetsuit

All-year-round eco-friendly wetsuit made for every watersports enthusiast: Lightweight | Max Warmth | Ultra Flex

Thanks to their world-class wetsuit expertise, they have crafted a product of the finest quality with an amazing design. They additionally produced it with the best low-polluting materials. They are delighted to say that TURTL PROJECT produces the most versatile wetsuit you will ever find at an accessible price – Galapagos.

Galapagos Wetsuit has been designed and tested for but is not exclusive to various activities. Including high-performance Surfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddle Surfing, and Wakeboarding.


Galapagos – Wetsuit ranges reinvented.

Why having a shorty wetsuit, a long-arm spring suit, a long john, a 5/4/3mm, and a 3/2mm wetsuit if you can have a full suit all year long.

Unlike traditional wetsuits, their eco-friendly alternative avoids harmful petroleum-made neoprene. It also significantly reduces the carbon footprint in the production process.

Amid a monopolized wetsuit market by large brand names, high margins at quality’s cost, and no environmental commitment, Turtl Project’s effort is to deliver high-quality products with the lowest possible CO2 emissions at reasonable prices.


Sealed cuffs and ankles

Today we are witnessing a 90% monopolized wetsuit industry, with full control over pricing, high margins at quality’s cost, and taking advantage of sustainability to increase prices. Turtl Project wants to offer better-quality and sustainable-only products at an honest accessible price.

They have successfully crafted a watersports’ wide-ranging wetsuit and appropriately tested it to fulfill all needs of current watermen & women.


Thanks to their successful configuration, based on the right blend of fabrics and the perfect equilibrium of thicknesses, they have been able to create the most versatile Wetsuit. This way you can avoid having a wetsuit for each season without compromising any feature.

There is not a 4/3mm Wetsuit standard in the market. With diverse and inefficient distributions of thicknesses limits its target weather conditions ranges.

Their formula is simple: full 4mm (+ thermal lining) torso and 3mm limbs of the best and stretchier limestone neoprene. It allows us to encompass the widest range of conditions.


To efficiently reduce their production carbon footprint, they decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign as this is a more sustainable approach.

They’re optimally producing according to actual demand, and hence, avoiding overproduction.

They selected suppliers that have been Bluesign certified and/or comply with the Standard 100 OEKO-TEX label. Moreover, that makes their world-class wetsuits respectful of the environment. They have successfully undergone harmful chemical laboratory tests. Besides they comply with ethical and child-labor-free production procedures. Not to mention the high quality of the fabrics which makes it a wetsuit of superior durability.


Their premium wetsuits are exclusively produced in a greater sustainable alternative neoprene. It not only avoids harmful refined petroleum in the production process but also gives revolutionary flexibility, lighter overall weight, and incomparable heat insulation.

Turtl Project cares about our endangered marine ecosystems, and as you may guess, they care about Sea Turtles. In order to better validate their commitment to the Oceans, they will be giving a % of all pledges to the conservation of Sea Turtles through CRAM: A Foundation for Conservation and Restoration of Marine Species.


They have also created an essential and innovative travel bag to easily bring your fresh Galapagos Wetsuit back home after your session. This is all without pouring a single drop of salty water into your backpack.

Introducing their brand-new water-resistant bag to pack your wet wetsuit. No more travel hassle assured!

Through this campaign, all their backers will exclusively receive a Mesh Bag made of GOTS Organic Cotton.


Get it with a Super Early Bird discount for a limited time only. Get your Galapagos Wetsuit before anyone else, and at the lowest price.

Size, Color, and Shipping info will be collected at the end of the campaign.

As part of their commitment to climate positivity, all shipping will be sent by carbon-neutral options when available, or by postal services. They use existing routes and are the most environmentally friendly way to get a package to your door.

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