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GAMMA | All-Season 100% Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

GAMMA: All-Season 100% Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

The complete high-performance heated jacket | Graphene-infused, lightweight, waterproof, breathable, durable, with 10 smart pockets

Meet Gamma, the ultimate all-climate jacket. Gamma Jacket is a durable, lightweight, insulated jacket that doesn’t compromise function or style. Building on graphene’s fantastic features, Gamma is your daily jacket, your travel jacket, your activewear, and your going-out jacket as well.

Whether you are trekking in the hills or going out to town for a coffee, the heat-insulating feature will warm you up immediately. Gamma is the only jacket you’ll need all year round, no matter where you are.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Graphene is what makes Gamma, unlike any other activewear. Graphene is a nano-lattice – simply one atom thick, yet it’s stronger than diamond. Called “superior graphene” for its lengthy list of properties and advantages, graphene is the thinnest, best, and most adaptable known material.

By infusing a graphene layer into the Gamma Jacket, they had the ability to develop a brand-new kind of outerwear. Gamma functions as a winter jacket, a cool-weather jacket, a windbreaker, a rain jacket, and activewear all at once.

While typical synthetic insulation is the standard, it’s no place near the degree of warmth that a graphene-infused jacket offers. Gamma takes graphene-integrated clothes to an entirely new level of modern-day sustainability and design. Light-weight, all-seasonal, strong, and breathable.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Graphene’s thermal properties have been called revolutionary. It has the ability to adjust to your body basically like a 2nd skin. Graphene moves warmth through its latticed structure, evenly dispersing it around your body. In warm weather, it expels warmth and wicks moisture to keep you cool.

Graphene conducts warmth from your body and Gamma’s built-in heating units and channels it throughout the jacket. In winter, it equally disperses heat to your entire upper body. In the heat, it expels warmth with its absorptive pores.

With Gamma, you won’t have to wear multiple or bulky layers. Gamma’s graphene layer will certainly manage its temperature based upon your environment, so you’ll remain comfortable in temperatures from warm to freezing.

From city walks to hikes to snowsports, Gamma will keep you at your optimal temperature level.

Gamma is outfitted with 3 carbon fiber heating features constructed directly into the coat. When your body temperature isn’t enough, you can supercharge Gamma’s graphene layer at the press of a button.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Within seconds, the heaters will start to warm up the jacket, and graphene will distribute the heat to your entire upper body. Graphene’s thermoregulating properties also ensure the jacket will not end up being too warm.

Gamma’s integrated heating units will keep you warm and comfy even in ice-cold conditions. No requirement for more layers, even on the coldest days.

Gamma’s heaters are powered by any type of power bank. Simply connect it into the USB-A input in the inner pocket and the jacket will start to heat up.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Combined with graphene’s thermoregulating features, unlike other products, Gamma will never ever get too hot or spark. Even if you leave the heating unit on or sleep in the jacket, there is no threat of burns or getting too hot.

Gamma’s constructed heater features 3 adjustable temperature level setups that you can cycle through the press of a button to aid deal with every sort of cold!

The carbon fiber heating elements won’t restrict your activity or weigh you down. Because the jacket does not include any type of electric parts or batteries, you can machine wash it without the threat of damage.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Gamma has many pockets, several hidden pockets, making it practical in your home and secure while traveling. Anything you used to stuff in your tote bag can now be kept in your jacket.

Head to the camping site, workplace, or flight terminal with everything you need close to your body with Gamma’s safe pockets.

Gamma’s fit is completely flexible to guarantee you comfort and to protect you from the elements, whenever you need it.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket
  • Flexible drawstrings in the hood and waist lock in warmth and protect against the wind.
  • Velcro cuffs and a high neck protect your wrists and guard delicate skin.
  • Integrated fingerless gloves to shield your hands without impeding your grip.

Graphene isn’t simply the toughest well-known material, it’s also the thinnest. At one atom thick, it’s literally lighter than air. This makes Gamma extremely lightweight and versatile – ideal for folding, keeping, packing, and carrying in your backpack. Traveling with Gamma can conserve loads of space in your baggage, especially for minimal backpackers.

Weighing in at less than 500g (approx. 1 pound), Gamma evaluates as long as the ordinary hoodie. Yet, it can keep you warm in addition to a thick winter layer.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Graphene, a material stronger than diamond, can withstand almost all forms of damage. It’s scratch-proof, puncture-proof, tear-proof, and abrasion-proof. Blades can not make any damage to Gamma, so you can wear it in the toughest conditions.

Gamma resists surface wear caused by rubbing or damaging, and it will never scuff or tear. You can anticipate Gamma to still appear fresh and brand-new after years of hefty use.

Graphene has the ability to eliminate warmth without letting chilly air inside the coat, so you’ll never ever really feel that sticky, sweaty feeling you obtain from most shells, rain jackets, or winter coats.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Graphene’s semipermeable structure additionally makes Gamma a suitable jacket for warmer weather in autumn and spring. Gamma will keep you cool when the sunlight heats up by releasing excess heat. Graphene knows when to do this by identifying and responding to your body temperature level.

If you’re using Gamma as sports apparel, graphene will pull heat and moisture far from your body, moving to the outer surface of the jacket and releasing it into the air. When you get on the inclines, jogging, or ice skating, Gamma will keep you feeling cool while maintaining your core temperature level.

Don’t stress over sweating in Gamma. Graphene is 100% anti-odor, implying no odor-causing contaminants can grow on the jacket.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Graphene interacts with sweat odors and neutralizes the smell through ionic conduction, efficiently removing bad smells and neutralizing any harmful substances on its surface.

Gamma was built for unrelenting alpine conditions. Incorporating the naturally wind-resistant and water-resistant nature of Graphene’s small atomic bonds and their proprietary weave, Gamma is waterproof and windproof.

Whether you’re strolling in a light haze or stuck in a monsoon, you can rely on Gamma to keep you dry and cozy.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Even though Gamma is lightweight and thin, its graphene instilled technology works for as much as 50 Miles per hour/ 80 Kilometers per hr winds. Gamma is absolutely essential whether you’re just road cycling or doing some high-altitude skiing or hiking.

Graphene is hypoallergenic, implying it’s resistant to irritants like pollen and mites. It’s all-natural and appropriate for all skin types, including individuals with skin allergies and skin disease.

Graphene is non-toxic, and Gamma is made with 100% safe products. With carbon as its prime component, graphene is safe and totally non-hazardous.

Did you understand that damaging UV rays can pass through several light jackets, windbreakers, and raincoats? This can cause burns and skin damages when outdoors for long periods. Gamma is UV-proof as well as maintains your skin secure from the sunlight when you’re outside.

Graphene fends off UV light, helping you to remain cool in the sunlight.

Gamma is designed and sized for a comfy yet slim fit. The customized fit is neither too loose nor tight, creating high flexibility for the wearer.

GAMMA All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

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