GIGA Lounger | Superfast one-key automatic inflatable lounger

GIGA Lounger

Integrated electric pump & power bank | Inflate with just one click | 60s fast inflating | 150kg bear weight | Wear-resistant material

The traditional air bed either requires an additional air pump to inflate or requires a lot of room and effort to run up that you will look stupid while inflating. Moreover, it takes up storage space and is difficult to carry.

GIGA Lounger

Therefore, their team has summarized all the above-mentioned problems and developed the GIGA Lounger, an automatic inflatable air lounger with an integrated electric air pump, which allows you to enjoy comfort with just one touch!

Exclusive and innovative design with an integrated AirVorTech electric air pump, which can automatically inflate the air lounger with a simple touch. Very easy to operate by yourself, even kids can handle it. It is easier to inflate than a traditional air bed. Takes only 60s! Relax and enjoy whenever you want.

GIGA Lounger

How to use the GIGA Lounger

The unique built-in air pump design with 2600mAh internal battery capacity can inflate the lounger 25 times in one full charge.  With a rating of IPX4, it is resistant to water splashes from any direction (do not soak in water). Lightweight and compact. You don’t have to run like an idiot while inflating anymore. Summer is approaching, what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and bring the GIGA Lounger along with you to a picnic!

GIGA Lounger

The GIGA Lounger can be transformed into a backpack easily weighing only 1kg. The weight and storage size are only half or even one-third of the traditional air bed. You can carry it with you everywhere. Have your own relax zone to truly unwind no matter where you are!

GIGA Lounger

The ergonomic curve design and the curved support design of the legs can promote blood circulation in all parts of the body and support the body evenly and comfortably. Relax the curves of your spine with full protection. Feel free to lay fully stretched out with this spacious air lounger. Gives you a cozy spot to stretch out and destress freely.

GIGA Lounger

The height of 50cm after inflation means that the thickness can eliminate the possible discomfort caused by uneven ground, and at the same time isolate us from the humidity and cold of the ground. Feeling more comfortable and warm while sitting or lying down, almost as if we were sleeping on a soft cloud.

GIGA Lounger adopts a one-piece design with a maximum load capacity that can reach 150kg.

GIGA Lounger

With the lumbar support in the middle, the bearing capacity of the air mattress is significantly improved. High-efficiency rebound and no collapse. Adjust the hardness and softness freely without restriction.

GIGA Lounger adopts a Micro USB input port for charging and in turn has a USB Type-A port. Recharge a smartphone, Switch, or iPad!

The internal battery capacity is 2600mAh. Outdoor power backup is readily available, recharge while laying down to relax.

GIGA Lounger

Made of the strongest tear-resistant Nylon + PU material, even 2-3 adults can sit on it together safely in comfort. GIGA lounger is soft, durable, lightweight, odor-free, no damage to the skin, no water seepage. It is also splashed prevention quick-drying so that you can use it in any place or any ground surface at will! Enjoy your GIGA lounger on grass, beach, rock, or snow whatsoever.

GIGA Lounger

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