GIGA Pump 3.0
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GIGA Pump 3.0 | Outdoor Air Pump & Lantern 3-in-1

This is their latest, very powerful 3-in-1 outside air pump & light! Next in the row of the GIGA Series.

GIGA Pump 3.0 options

They’re back, delivering GIGA PUMP 3.0. With more power, as much as 4.5 kPa high pressure and ultra-high rotating rate of 45,000 RMP. It reaches as much as 260L/Min, and with 3 adjustable pressure modes. It will meet all your living needs. Blow up lot more inflatable products quicker. At the same time compress garments into smaller spaces.

GIGA Pump 3.0 lighting

That way saves storage room by 65%. Also, it has been upgraded to 4 degrees of illumination. The optimum lighting can reach 500 lumens.

The internal structure design is unique. The pump optimizes the air duct on the basis of the original.

dimension and feature of GIGA Pump 3.0

This makes it extra compact. With a 45,000 RPM turning rate, air movement can get to 260L/min. Also, air pressure can get to 4.5 KPa. GIGA PUMP 3.0 is extremely useful. Especially for travelers, campers, and beach fanatics. Even mobile executives will enjoy it!

hooks GIGA Pump 3.0

In order to satisfy various outside inflating demands, it includes 3 settings.

  • Soft Mode
  • Strong Mode
  • Super Mode
3 modes on GIGA Pump 3.0

Permit you to fully blow up huge inflatables!  Airboats or inflatable beds get inflated much easier. You can choose to blow up less air in an inflatable bed or pillow. Making them softer for lying down and being more comfortable.

Apart from deflating inflatables, saving storage room is additionally very vital. Every person likes to travel light. With GIGA PUMP 3.0, you can say goodbye to hefty baggage!

It is not simply an air pump but also a vacuum pump. GIGA PUMP 3.0 assists to draw out air from vacuum cleaner bags. Isn’t that fantastic? 

pumpin up speed

With a flow rate of 260L/min and also high pressure of 4.5 kpa, the GIGA Pump 3.0 can blow up an air mattress within just 20 secs!

They listened to and integrated individuals’ responses on GIGA PUMP 2.0.

That was a great way to optimize and improve the camp light function. GIGA PUMP 3.0. has 3 light modes of brightness up to 500lm. The high lighting (500lm) can last for 7 hrs! And if you use the low illumination (50lm), it can last for even 62.5 hours. Brighten up your night with GIGA PUMP 3.0. Use it for outdoor camping, backpacking, trekking, and a lot more… It’s time to eliminate the darkness and carry on the adventure.

It includes 4 different nozzles.


They fit the most inflatable beds, blow-up pools, swim rings, yoga balls… Plus, there is 1 vacuum cleaner bag nozzle. It’s made to deflate vacuum cleaner bags. Also aids to conserve room of more than 65%.

A small and lightweight outdoor necessity. GIGA PUMP 3.0 with only 165g, weighs half the weight of an Apple iPhone 13.

GIGA Pump 3.0 is smaller that iPhone

This means you can slip it right into your pocket or backpack – quickly. In addition, a hanging loophole is added on the leading and at the side. That way permits you to hang it on practically anything. There is no requirement for a carabiner.

GIGA PUMP 3.0 is geared up with 2 hooks.

lighting on Pump

The top hook is convenient to hold on the top of the outdoor tents. This is great for upright lighting from top to bottom. The side hook is convenient for hanging it on the chest. Or just holding it, which is convenient for lighting from near to far.

The shortcoming of battery power outside can be a problem. But not for GIGA PUMP 3.0, which is geared up with an integrated 3600mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

dimesions of GIGA Pump 3.0

Just keep it charged, and you can blow up inflatables no matter where you are. You can pump up 160 blow-up pillows or decrease an L-size storage bag 45 times. In single charge!

Being outside brings a lot of unexpected obstacles. Gazing thru dust and also water is unavoidable.

They’ve got this covered also. GIGA PUMP 3.0 is created to be IP55 dustproof and waterproof. Moderate rainfall and water splashes won’t be any problem. But, you can even be submerged in water for not more than 10s. Best for dealing with various atmospheres. Definitely a trustworthy friend for unexpected events.

what's in a package

GIGA Pump 3.0 is geared up with a TYPE-C charging port. With that also a TYPE-C charging cable. You can quickly charge it with a power bank. To sum up, it’s extremely convenient for both, living in and out.

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