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GigaDrive | The World Fastest 4TB Portable SSD Drive

gigadrive The World Fastest 4TB Portable SSD Drive

Blazing 2 GB/s Speed + 4 TB Storage + Exchangeable M.2 2280 + Waterproof + Highly Durable

If you’ve ever been using solid-state drives (SSD), you probably have a collection of them, but never actually found the best one that pleases your demand for extreme speed, say no more.

gigadrive The World Fastest 4TB Portable SSD Drive

A top-notch SSD with a sci-fi-inspired design that will properly help with your professional and amusement lives is finally here!

Extreme high speed as much as 2000 MB/s, enough storage up to 4TB, and cross-connection compatibility. Along with various other residential or commercial properties like high sturdiness, overheat protection, waterproof design, and easy-to-carry … This could be the completion of your nonstop SSD collection due to the fact that it is the final one that satisfies all your needs.

Extreme High Speed

At 2000 MB/s read and write speed, your work is streamlined as it has never been done before. 100 GB of data merely requires 50 seconds to be transferred, it is less than a minute. For creatives with great deals of photos and video clips to edit, it does not get better than this.

gigadrive The World Fastest 4TB Portable SSD Drive
gigadrive The World Fastest 4TB Portable SSD Drive

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Gigadrive is compatible with MAC™, Computers, and Linux. With our USB-C connection, it functions flawlessly with the new USB 4.0 as well as Thunderbolt 4 connections to ensure their extreme high speed are unlocked and achieved. USB 4.0’s and Thunderbolt 4’s transfer speeds are up to 40Gb/s and also their SSD’s extreme high speed would certainly not endanger their abilities. Obviously, Gigadrive is in reverse compatible as well.

Battle with Temperature

Gigadrive’s covering design has incorporated a number of aspects to make certain that warmth is dissipated properly. First of all, top-quality lightweight aluminum alloy is made use of as a result of its high thermal conductivity. Secondly, the top cover’s design has an enhanced area to help dissipate warmth. And at last, dual thermal pads inside provide direct contact between the hottest inner parts with the aluminum covering. All 3 attributes combine to minimize running temperature levels without getting too hot while the Gigadrive runs at its full speed.

Backup All You Need

The storage space ability is so large, it enables you to backup whatever you desire. Gigadrive comes in 1TB, 2TB as well as 4TB capacity. Back-up your games from PS4 to be used on PS5, photos from your senior high school days, videos of your newborn baby, job projects that could be great referrals … whatever you need, or do not need but to maintain the data simply in case.

gigadrive The World Fastest 4TB Portable SSD Drive

Top Quality Video Recording

Some portable SSDs do have a high capacity but their transfer rates are either not fast sufficient or secure enough to permit the straight recording from cams to the SSD. Additional time is constantly required to transfer the pictures or videos after a task is done. Gigadrive comes to the rescue! With its steady high transfer speeds, you can record your video clips straight on Gigadrive. And for cameras that aren’t compatible with direct recording, the extreme high transfer rate enables you to rapidly backup the videos and images from your electronic cameras onto the Gigadrive – significantly improving your workflow.

Terrific Sturdiness

Made with High Strength Light Weight Aluminum Alloy, with high deterioration resistance steel alloy. They are normally made use of in structure and building, storage tanks, pressure vessels … and they are bringing this durable, high-strength material to save all your priceless information.

gigadrive The World Fastest 4TB Portable SSD Drive


You can never predict when it is going to be a rainy day and they are ready for that as well. Gigadrive’s USB-C link is waterproof and also in case of any kind of spilling of water or coffee, your valuable information is still undamaged and intact.

Trendy Style

Usually, most portable SSDs look boring and chunky. Except for Gigadrive though. They have taken ideas from their favored science fiction movies and developed an SSD that is actually awesome. Uneven shapes and tiny notches, both practical and trendy.


Weighing only 74g(2.6 oz) and extremely portable (114 x 37 x 12.5 mm/ 4.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.5″), high speed and high storage SSD is no more the basic synonym for heavy bricks. Take pleasure in taking years’ worth of images, video clips, video games, and work portfolios with you on simply a tiny stick.

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