Gimdow | Upgrade Existing Doorlock to Keyless Entry


Keyless & Phoneless Entry | Manage Access From the Phone | Install in Seconds | Alexa-Google Assistant

Introducing the Gimdow 2.0! Unlike other smart locks, Gimdow doesn’t require you to replace your current lock, no tools are needed, it takes only seconds to upgrade your current lock to a perfect smart lock. Then you can enjoy keyless entry and manage access from your phone remotely.

There are 4 ways to unlock it, Keypad/App/Voice Assistant (Alexa, Google)/Physical Key. So, you can enter your door with or without your phone, or grant access to anyone when you are not home. And when someone enters your home, you’ll get a real-time alert immediately.


Gimdow works with almost all types of locks all over the world, and you can get it at only 1/2 of August lock’s price or 1/3 of NUKI lock’s today. Why not get a Gimdow 2.0 Smart Lock to get access to all the goodies of smart life starting from your front door!

With the Keypad connected to Gimdow Lock, you can unlock the door with a Passcode! Leave your keys & phone behind, you can still enter your house!

Grant access to anyone even when you are not home! No longer need to drive home when your kids or roommates forget their keys. Disable it when your guest left the house if you are hosting on Airbnb. The guest may give you a better “Review of Stays” since they saved time on finding keys!

Say “Open the door”, and Gimdow unlocks!


The Gimdow Smart Lock is designed for a wide range of Smart Home systems, supporting Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, when you are holding a pot or taking a shower, you can still unlock it for your family without leaving the kitchen or bathroom. Of course, always confirm the identity of the one who knocks on the door first!

Sometimes we just forget the password, the phone may be dead, who knows. Luckily, Gimdow still works with mechanical keys, so you can keep a backup key for an emergency override.

No need to rush home when you get visitors, grant access from the App and you can take your time! Manage users easily with your phone, add/delete owners, or grant temporary access to your guests. Hosting on Airbnb has never been so easy!


Check the Log Record, you’ll see all the people who entered your house and the time. You’ll also get a real-time alert when someone unlocked your door.

Connect the Gimdow A1 Pro WiFi Hub for Smart Home Integrations & Other Smart features listed above. 

With Gimdow’s 128-bit encryption (security standards similar to online banking), no one can hack into your home.

Convenient without compromising security.

Simply stick Gimdow onto your existing cylinder, no screwing or drilling required, and no damage left; Then Gimdow is installed!

Peel off the cover of the 3M sticker, stick the Keypad on the door, then it’s ready!

If you prefer old school way instead of 3M strong adhesives, you can still choose screws to install Gimdow as well.

Position Any Direction You like, Gimdow works!

Gimdow can run up to 300 days with 4x AA batteries under normal use (averaging 10 times per day), so there is no need to worry about low batteries all the time.

Gimdow 2.0 provides more features than August lock and NUKI, and it doesn’t need you to disassemble the current lock as August needs. But the price of Gimdow is only 1/2 of August lock’s price and 1/3 of NUKI’s. Order it today!

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