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GOPOSE | World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager

GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager

GOPOSE Tech | Fix Posture | Pulse Massage | Intuitive GOPOSE App | Get Your Health & Confidence Back

Introducting GOPOSE, world’s first fix posture and pulse massager. It is an innovative all in one gadget for your back. Once put on, it will automatically improve and correct your posture day by day. Besides, it can also provide a powerful massage whenever you need it!

Posture is more than just an appealing look; it affects your overall health and well-being.

GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager
GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager
  • A bad posture:
  • Adds extra loading weight along your spine, causing serious harm to your body in the long term
  • Affects your body balance, leading to a higher chance to get injured
  • Affects your blood circulation, digestion, concentration
  • Makes you look unconfident, lowering your self-esteem

GOPOSE will fix all your posture issues by providing immediate assistance when you are out of position, strengthening your muscles, and helping you to develop a good habit.

Designed for those who want to have a painless back and a healthy posture, GOPOSE is the most advanced wearable gadget you’ve ever seen. GOPOSE has combined the advantages and features of many posture-improvement devices to make sure it works!

With the built-in hi-tech chip, GOPOSE improves your posture by notifying you every time you slouch over 25 degrees.

GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager

After using GOPOSE for a few weeks, you will slowly strengthen your muscles and develop a habit eventually. GOPOSE helps strengthen your back and core muscles. It will also increase your overall balance, and therefore less likely to result in pain or fatigue.

Are you fed up with your current posture corrector with its constant malfunctioning? GOPOSE uses the latest gyro and acceleration sensors, it will only remind you whenever your posture needs correction! You can even customize your reminder by using our built-in app according to your needs.

GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager

You can track and monitor your progress with the GOPOSE App for better improvement and results. This friendly user interface makes it so much easier to utilize. Not to mentioned it comes in the day, week, and month so you can get a better insight on your results.

GOPOSE Pulse massage is an effective way to keep your pain away. Generating an electric impulse, GOPOSE directs a small but precise shock to your sore area, increases blood circulation, smoothens your muscles, and relieves your pain. It will stimulate your muscles to help you abandon any discomforts and aches that you may be experiencing. Not to mention, the electrical pulse feels just like a deep tissue massage, but it penetrates much deeper and faster.

The pulse massage technology of GOPOSE can quickly relieve your muscle pain. You can simply use GOPOSE for around 15 minutes to get rid of any sort of muscle pain that you may be experiencing at the time. GOPOSE is both effective and convenient than any traditional massage and muscle relief lotion.

GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager

There are various massage modes that you can select from via our smart GOPOSE app depending on your preferences. You can also select your intensity level for a different result.

Proprietary adhesive pads come in different shapes and sizes, therefore making them universal to all body types and target specific body parts. With the latest dynamic adhesive technology, you may get a few drops of water on your fingertips and rub the adhesive surface lightly to remove the dirt. Each pad can be used up to 2-3 months before losing adhesion.

The variety of adhesive pads allows you to target anywhere you want, GOPOSE can now become your Pocket-Size Massage Therapist. You can now enjoy a relaxing massage anytime you want without any limitations.

GOPOSE have a built-in voice command function, allowing you to navigate, switch modes, and adjust various settings with your voice.

GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager

GOPOSE is designed to be both compact and lightweight, making it easier to improve and fix your posture on a day to day basis. It takes continuous effort to improve your back posture so it is best to use it whenever possible. Since it’s very lightweight, you can simply use it during work, running errands, shopping, traveling and no one will notice it.

GOPOSE: World’s first 2 in 1 fix posture and pulse massager

The initial concept came from their team members that are athletes who often suffer from muscle soreness. They want to create a product not only to relieve muscle soreness but to fix one’s posture. After working closely with the team on the designs and specifications, GOPOSE was born.

The team utilized each of their previous knowledge in smart products from the past and incorporated electric pulse technology to create GOPOSE, along with the additional help from professional software and manufacturing veterans for final executions. They hope this can help you relax and fix your posture in no time.

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