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GOVO T5 | Vacuum Insulated Bottle

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

The water bottle where functionality comes first

Introducing the GOVO T5 – the next generation double-wall insulated bottle with Multi-function Carrying System and Surrounding Insulated Lid. It’s the perfect bottle for travelers and what makes it so special is that is vacuum insulated and has this amazing handle for a secure and practical grip. Check it out on Kickstarter.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

From lid, handle, to the stainless double-wall body, they thoroughly researched, engineered, and tested every part, as if it were the most crucial piece of the whole. Scroll down to discover more.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Normal insulated bottles have a weak point in their insulation structure. Although the double-walled body can block heat transfer, the inner wall and outer wall are connected at the mouth of the bottle, so heat is conducted between the inside and the outside at this point.


GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

The inner wall and outer wall are connected around the edge of the bottle mouth. Heat can be conducted between inside and outside through here.

Heat is lost through the neck of the bottle *

* The same principle applies to the cold preservation

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle


  • Patent pending
  • 360° surrounding double-wall insulated cover prevents temperature loss from the neck area
  • Outer wall
  • Inner Wall
  • Lid center insulation
  • Vacuum insulated double-wall body
  • Keep your hand-holding in a natural position
  • Enough clearance between lid and fingers
  • Open space allows the finger to grip comfortably
GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle


The T handle has plenty of room for fingers to pass through while maintaining an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue.


GOVO T5 maximizes handle area space to allow use with gloves in cold weather or for heavy-duty jobs.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle


Moreover, with the anchor function, you can carry the T5 bottle on a belt without using any accessories.


When you need to free your hands, you can easily hook the bottle to clothes or other places with the bent ends of the handle.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Additionally, medium-Mouth Design The medium mouth delivers the perfect balance between full-on refilling and flow control


The GOVO T5 is made of safe materials to make sure that you can drink every drop of water with confidence.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Lid material: Tritan (the safest plastic) Handle Aluminum Bottle material: 18/8 stainless steel.

With the Surrounding Insulated Lid, the T5 bottle has less temperature loss compared to other bottles.

The anchor function provides convenient ways to carry the bottle when you’re hiking, backpacking, or engaged in some exercise.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Therefore, you can use the handle as a fence anchor to hang the bottle on the fence in the sports field for easy access.

In addition to the vacuum-insulated double-wall body, we added a copper-plated layer to the outer surface of the inner wall to reduce heat radiation. 

With the magnetic folding function, opening and closing the handle becomes simple and smooth.

The multi-functional T handle is one piece of aluminum to ensure durability.

They worked on every detail to improve ergonomics on the GOVO T5.

The two cut-out areas on the lid provide a better grip for opening and closing the lid.

The medium-mouth design delivers the perfect balance between full-on refilling and flow control.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

About GOVO and the T5 bottle

Three years ago, they launched their first Kickstarter project, the GOVO T4 Badge Holder/Wallet. Today it has become one of the most demanded items in its category with more than half-million units delivered.

They believe a well-designed product is the perfect blend of function and form. Every part of the product should serve its functional purpose well. So, this is the design principle they did for the GOVO T5 Bottle.

There is no shortage of options on the market for vacuum insulated bottles. There are bottles that have beautiful designs or have unique functions such as sanitizing water. But they found there is still a lot of room for improvement on the basic functions of keeping cold/warm and ergonomics for carrying and drinking. They decided to focus on optimizing the fundamentals instead of adding unnecessary features. During the design process, they tested all vacuum insulated bottles you can buy from the market.

GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

They built countless prototypes to find the best solution. They broke down every single part of the bottle to see how each component affects the overall performance. After two years of research and design, they came up with the GOVO T5 that meets their expectations. The idea behind GOVO T5 is simple: make a water bottle that delivers high insulation performance while maintaining high efficiency in ergonomics.

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