grappaSac-Made from Grapes. Crafted for the Future. Together

grappaSac | Made from Grapes – Crafted for the Future

A Story of Family, Farming and Fashion – In harmony with nature. Reducing impact. Protecting the future


The grappaSac is made from Vegan Grape Leather, organically from agricultural and designed to be an essential day-to-night bag, weekend and weekdays. For the farm, or cycling in the park, or for work, or drinks at sunset. That is to say, they are made from grape leftovers from winemaking… In other words, stalks, skins, and seeds are repurposed into material that’s safe for the environment, sustainable, zero waste, and vegan.

A leather alternative that is lightweight, durable, water-resistant & 100% sustainable. As a result, guilt-free fashion powered by science.

4 Styles in ONE consequently makes a timeless design. Moreover, the easy convertible system allows a fast change, everyday functionality for the busy, modern woman. 

Firstly it can be a backpack, secondly a shoulder bag or crossbody bag, and lastly a clutch handbag.

grappaSac – a bag for the next generation using alternative vegan material for leather in order to reduce the environmental impact of livestock towards global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Above all, responsibly sourced and responsibly produced.


Here’s to offset your carbon footprint. Designed for a better future.

A space for all your essentials and treasures. Keeping you organized and efficient.

For example, grappaSac can contain:

  • iPhone & Tablet & Headphone
  • Skincare & Makeup
  • Pens, Books & Notebooks
  • Water bottle, Sunglasses & Comb
  • hand sanitizer
  • Passport
  • Keys & Key Wallet

Interior pockets and dividers, 10 pockets in total.

When creating the grappaSac bag it was important to them that it was made from sustainable materials that guaranteed durability. Characteristics that ensure that it is long-lasting – Water Resistance and Breathability.

Likewise, their FREE sustainable dust bag can be used as a shopper or dust bag.


Made from Certified Organic Cotton, low environmental impact, a balance of nature’s ecosystem for positive climate change.

Cenvertible and adjustable bag strap system. You can store it very easily and conveniently in the secure external back pocket of the bag. You won’t lose them; the bag and straps are always together!

It allows a fast change…everyday functionality for the busy, modern woman.

Most importantly, they are moving away from the consumption of finite (non-renewable) resources and keeping waste out of the system.


Biobased material – Grape leather, the official name is VEGEA.

In collaboration with VEGEA, an innovative material characterized by the high content of vegetal, renewable, and recycled raw materials: grape leftovers from winemaking, vegetal oils, and natural fibers from agriculture.

The result is a breathable, water-resistant, high-temperature resistant material with good physical properties, and highly sustainable with grape marc as a by-product of the huge volumes of wine produced annually.


VEGEA grape leather is REACH compliant and solvent-free.

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, with no odor, zero water, no synthetic or polluting oils, and no ecosystem impact. Made in Italy.

Certified Organic Cotton – made from certified organic cotton. It is better for the planet. Instead of toxic pesticides, organic farming uses crop rotation, cover crops, and organic fertilizers to create rich life-supporting soil.

Meanwhile, pesticides have a bad habit of poisoning groundwater, streams, and rivers, which endangers the people and wildlife that rely on those sources. Farmers are certainly not exposed anymore to dangerous chemicals by replacing them with natural alternatives and old-school agriculture techniques.

Lining is from recycled polyester from used water bottles.

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