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GREAT JOY | Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

GREAT JOY: Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

FF 60mm T2.9 1.33X Anamorphic lens with 1.35X Anamorphic Adapter. Ignite Your Passion For Cinematography.

Here at Backers Today, we are dedicated to the marketing industry. Therefore we have a filming/photography department for video-making and shooting as a major part of our business! And let me tell you, GREAT JOY is truly a great tool for the filmmakers in creating a true cinematic effect.

GREAT JOY Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

GREAT JOY uses a 1.8 x anamorphic service for a motion picture artsy look with real anamorphic characteristics. Born to develop masterpieces, GREAT JOY has got what it takes to create a Hollywood smash hit. Top-quality pictures without deformation, natural and saturated blue lens flares as well as buttery smooth elliptical exerciser bokeh.

It’s the ideal method to utilize a full-frame coverage lens to accomplish a bigger viewpoint, higher quality, and even more details without cropping, compared to APS-C or M4/3. With GREAT JOY, you are able to improve the artistic charm of your footage and submerse your audience in an anamorphic world.

GREAT JOY Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

With 1.8 x anamorphic squeeze, GREAT JOY highlights the anamorphic features as well as produces captivating oval bokeh and regular horizontal lens flare in an ultra-wide motion picture aspect proportion.

This distinct, one-of-a-kind oval-shaped bokeh, as well as soft out-of-focus blur, adds a sense of depth while highlighting the picture topics,. Moreover developing a spectacular effect that makes your pictures and video clip a lot more creative and fascinating.

GREAT JOY Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

The clear & anamorphic touches across the image provide another layer of intricacy to the shots.

*GREAT JOY Anamorphic Lens with gold lens flare is currently under development.

By optimizing the optical layout and reducing production mistakes typical to other lenses, the distortion and lens breathing are well controlled.

GREAT JOY smartly integrates intensity and film-like photo quality with each other. In other words, revealing the subtle details of the picture and delivering steady and cinematic video.

GREAT JOY Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

GREAT JOY supplies 4 mount choices including Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon Z, and L mount. The copper mount with chrome coating fits perfectly and snugly and works with all leading-name electronic cameras.

With M67 * 0.75 mount, the GREAT JOY 1.35 X Anamorphic Adapter enables you to utilize lenses with 67 mm front string size, giving 1.8 x spot integrated with GREAT JOY 1.33 X Anamorphic Lens or offering all your spherical lenses the anamorphic look.

GREAT JOY Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

Setting infinity focus on the main lens, the adjustment on adapter enables you to concentrate on subjects from minimal emphasis range to infinity.

GREAT JOY 1.35 x Anamorphic Adapter focus distance down to a minimum of 70cm, great for close-up work

The GREAT JOY Anamorphic Adapter gives a 264 ° ultra-wide focusing ring turning for precision focusing.

GREAT JOY Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers adapter

The adapter features a 77 mm filter string so you can attach CPL, filter, or matte box. Furthermore, the front lens component does not rotate throughout focusing. It additionally includes a self-locking ring to straighten with the lens without damaging the surfaces.

Made from a high-grade aluminum alloy and the exact same glass utilized for high-end film lenses. GREAT JOY is lightweight yet resilient enough for reputable shooting in any condition. The self-lubricating anti-wear surface and steel lens cover give it a considerable feel and balance throughout usage.

GREAT JOY Ultimate 1.8x Anamorphic Solution for Filmmakers

For more steady capturing, a 1/4″ there is a screw under the lens in order to give strong support.

Including a standard 0.8 modulus, the focus ring, and aperture ring come with excellent motion as well as precise controls. Smooth enough yet with the appropriate amount of damping.

Team GREAT JOY is an encouraging business of senior specialists and designers from various backgrounds in China. There isn’t anyone who is putting out this kind of quality at anywhere near this cost. They are committed to offering inspiring images and connecting creativity and future technologies for moving images and professional productions worldwide with Exceptional Quality, Exceptional Value, and Exceptional Affordability


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