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GREEN DISC | Eco-friendly bike chain care with ease


Lubricate your chain in seconds with a smile & protect the environment.

30 seconds to the ideal lube job. GREEN DISC supports you in keeping your bike straightforward and accurate.

Just press it a little onto your chain and let your crank rotate in reverse. Three turns on the outside, three on the inside of the chain, and that’s it.

Green disc

GREEN DISC is a clever tool for the fundamental treatment of your chain. Whether on a bike trip or in your traveler bag. Within secs your bike awaits the following trip.

The lubricator wheel is a lube tank & applicator in one.

The easily revolving lubricator stores lube as much as 30ml and adapts perfectly to the chain throughout rotation under mild pressure. The correct amount of lube is applied to the chain and at the same time metal abraded fragments are absorbed. The lubricant penetrates the chain totally.

Green disc

The ecological power packs.

The BIO CHAIN LUBE protects your chain as well as the environment. With parts based upon plants and also degradable additives it is eco-friendly and quickly naturally degradable without missing outstanding wear security.

This is chain lubrication as you know it.

Less contamination, more riding enjoyment! With GREEN DISC no oil streams into the cloth, no oil splashes around. No harmful materials get into the soil and groundwater. And also you´ll save up to 90% chain lube.

Green disc

GREEN DISC is fairly manufactured – made by them for you locally. In cutting-edge centers with certified environmental management systems. Under reasonable social conditions and without round-the-world container ship flights.

Although their BIOGRAPHY CHAIN LUBE is made from grown plants, they wish to optimize their impact. They will plant 3 trees for every GREEN DISC they put in use in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects. In this way, they better lessen the eco-footprint of their item as well as at the same time help to enhance social conditions in the expanding regions.

Since they initially designed this device in 2018, around 40.000 bikers have currently used it. GREEN DISC is the initial and they are extremely proud of this.

Green disc

Take one GREEN DISC with you! This tool supplies all fellow riders with a speedy lube job at the end of every day.

A dry chain is a silent killer since it greatly increases the wear of all drive components. (Without you necessarily seeing that.) Besides, a lot of performance is additionally shed. So, chain upkeep not just secures your bike, however also dramatically enhances your riding pleasure.

GREEN DISC works with any type of usual chain oil – so they supply all rewards WITH or WITHOUT lube. You choose.

If you wish to switch over to a really eco-friendly chain maintenance system, go for a set together with the BIO CHAIN LUBE.

No oil wallow, no oil leakages when you lug GREEN DISC in your pocket.

Green disc

GREEN DISC Edition 2021

Considering that they developed this new sort of chain care system in 2018– called LUBRI DISC– they have been permanently fine-tuning it:

GREEN DISC 2020 came (1.) with 25% more storage quantity & (2.) a new locking mechanism without making use of magnets.

GREEN DISC Version 2021 currently covers that with (1.) an optimized lubricator wheel with more exact chain tracking and also lube circulation, (2.) recycled plastic for the real estate, (3.) 30% much less material made use of for the lube bottle & (4.) with the implementation of a reforestation program for each and every GREEN DISC put into use.

Green disc

The GREEN DISC deals with all bike chains. It is refillable & has an unlimited life expectancy. It works with all usual low to medium viscosity oils. Not suitable for waxes or solvent-based lubes!

  • measurements: approx. 68 x 20 mm
  • weight: 40 grams

The lubricator wheel lasts for a long period of time. It is interchangeable & biodegradable.

The GREEN DISC´s heart – the lubricator wheel – lasts for a minimum of 50 lube jobs. If you wish to replace it, they have it all set for you at any moment.

( 1) lubricator wheel (2) chain conveyor profile (3) retainer (4) side chain guide

The profiled lubricator wheel is made from a highly absorbent all-natural fiber material. It is capable of storing lubricating substances and also at the same time release them under mild pressure to your chain.

GREEN DISC is protected by law.

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