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Gsou K20 Webcam | The 2K HD Camera with Built-in Bluetooth

2K Image Quality | Bulit-in Bluetooth | Zero-frame Latency | Compatible with All Earphones & Platforms | Plug & Play | Privacy Protect

Due to the things happened lately, makes working and learning from home the new normal. To tackle this new situation, they have designed and developed the Gsou K20 2K HD Webcam. With its built-in Bluetooth module, K20 makes up the shortcoming with no Bluetooth of desktop computers. And it can also connect to Bluetooth headphones/earphones. Considerably improves the sound quality of audio calls, and is almost close to zero latency for gaming and chatting.

Gsou K20

Gsou K20 features an HD true 2560 x 1440 pixels webcam, which allows you to capture a vivid and clear recording. The camera features a cutting-edge CMOS sensor. Capable of running crystal clear video at 30-60 frames per second in 4 megapixels resolution. Gsou is specialized in designing PC web cameras that ensure high-quality video calls and recordings. 2K HD 60fps image quality makes face-to-face communication with someone more realistic, detailed, and smooth like butter.

Unlike other webcams on the market, Gsou K20 has built-in 5.0 Bluetooth that is compatible with most Bluetooth products and you no longer have to arrange extra devices.

Gsou K20

Using Gsou K20, you can connect to your Bluetooth headset easily.

With the direct input and output of the camera and headset, audio calls are clearer and greatly reduces or even eliminates the possibility of lag. For other webcams with built-in microphones on the market, noise and echo are the biggest issues users encounter at video conferences. Gsou K20 uses an innovative Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, which can miraculously give you clarity and natural sound even in noisy environments.

Gsou K20

One GSOU K20 = All Other Products

The bottom bracket of Gsou K20 supports 360° rotation, allows you to easily adjust the camera to any angle or direction you want.  Ideal for surfaces such as laptops or computer monitors perfectly.

The bottom bracket of Gsou K20 also supports 18° up and down tilting. So that you can sit, half-leaning, or even lie down on the sofa comfortably to make video calls at the same time without blocking your face.

Gsou K20

The 90° super wide-angle allows you to see all the participants clearly in the video conference. Without wasting your time on adjusting the viewing angle.

Gsou K20 is designed for manual focus, gives you control over selecting the areas that you want sharp, and enjoys the best contrast in any environment. Adjust the white balance and color correction by adjusting the focus ring of the lens manually to ensure that your video effect is close to what the real human eye can see.

Gsou K20

Additionally, K20 will automatically adjust according to the lighting conditions in your surroundings. All with the automatic low light correction and high dynamic range HDR technology. It will ensure that your chat mates can still see you clearly even with poor lighting. Even you have a video conference late-night or calling friends in different time zones!

Gsou K20 can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer via a USB interface. So, no additional drivers or software are required.

Gsou K20

A 5-foot-long USB cable is provided and long enough to meet any requirement. Plugin and have fun! Furthermore, the bottom bracket of K20 is designed to be mount on the tripod. Once again enhancing the dialogue effect, remarkably convenient and flexible.

Moreover, for easier operation, the Bluetooth function of K20 is designed to turn on or off with just one button. The Left gear: the built-in microphone function is on, and the Bluetooth function is off; Middle gear: the built-in microphone function is off, and the Bluetooth function is off; The right gear: Bluetooth function is on, and the built-in microphone function is off.

Gsou K20

Gsou K20 likewise has a high degree of compatibility.

  • Compatible platforms: YouTube / Zoom / Facebook Live / Skype / Twitch / Tik Tok / Twitter, etc
  • Compatible system: Windows / Mac

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