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Haven Safari | Tent & Hammock in One!

This is absolutely the ultimate glamping basecamp, car-camping setup, or yard escape!

pattern HAven Safari

Haven Safari was designed to be your private spot under the open sky.For every avid outdoorsman, it is difficult to integrate the bare truth. And that is: every remarkable day in the woods, would certainly be beaten by a miserable night. So they developed the Haven Outdoor tents with one mail goal – making sleep the best part of camping. The rest is on you to take care of!

parts of Haven safari

“Wow, even my bed is not that comfortable…” They’ve heard it so many times! With Haven Safari, the main activity becomes sleep. And the exterior experience is outstanding.

Winter time and HavenSafari

Here are several of their favorite features in Haven Safari!

  • Patented flat-lay layout with the added large sleeping system.
  • Deluxe insulated air mattress, coated in vegan suede, with adjustable lounge strap.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Thick 300d Polyester Canvas. Water-resistant, ventilated, and bug-proof.
  • 6 big pockets and also a ridgeline for added storage.
  • 4 different color options
Flat lay

Haven Safari is designed to be a flat-open platform. Wheater you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you are always comfy. You don’t have to fold yourself like a banana or hate the rocks under your back anymore! The platform of Have Safari is 30 x 80 inches (76 x 203 cm). Plenty of space for even the biggest fellows.

Why would it be simply comfortable, when it could be even comfier?

Listen to this, they’ve included the LOUNGE STRAP. In secs the hammock transforms from flawlessly flat to a great lounging position.

Lounge strap on HAven Safari

You are camping but you can’t find trees?

Haven Safari makes a perfect GROUND BIVY! Both hammock bodies, as well as rainfly, are made from resilient 300d polyester canvas. With 4000mm waterproof durability. Grounded or up in the air, you won’t notice the difference, just extreme comfort.

Ground Bivy

Each package consists of the hammock, bug net, rainfly, deluxe air mattress, tree straps, guy lines as well as stakes.

Make your Haven a lot more like home. With dimmable LED light strip that is compatible with all versions of the Safari(USB power source not included).

Ridgelight on Haven safari

Take a look at their favorite part of Haven Safari. It’s an expansion to the tree bands included with your tent. Combined, it reaches 12 feet (365 cm)! These Whoopie Slings puts you in a place of full control of site selection. Forget hunting for trees that remain in just the best area. Hang where you want to hang! Every place is perfect with Haven Safari. The kit includes 2 slings as well as 2 lightweight carabiners.

Watching sunset in Haven safari with led light on

The PowerPump blows up the Safari mattress in 30 seconds.

You will get enough juice left to bill your phone or other gadgets (3,600 mAH!).  If you pass on this device, know that the Safari Pad does come with a pump sack.

power pump

The Haven Camping tent is here today all because their founder was trying to get comfy in a hammock. He thought, “This would be so much better if my head and feet were lower, and if I didn’t have pressure on my sides.” Yup, the idea was born!

a guy laying in haven safari

When they put Haven Safari to the test and it was able to hold 2260 pounds (1025 kg).

stress test for haven safari

This is one tough outdoor tent! A mix of terrific materials combined with great engineering. This means, under extreme weights, the hammock remains to lay flat. No droop or sag at all. Made from 300d Polyester Canvas, this tent is constructed to last! This product has actually confirmed longevity in all conditions.

Story goes…

haven safari team

After introducing the original Haven on Kickstarter in 2019, they’ve continued to refine their production. Year two saw the intro of Haven XL. Now 3 years later, they’re at it once more! Giving focus on comfort, space, and sturdiness. This lay-flat hammock just got even more comfortable. Their customers are absolutely the best part of Place Tents, without them, there is no motivation for further development. But, here are a few individuals who make this progression possible. Meet their little group, based in Sandy Utah. For this launch, they’ll be collaborating with facilities in Canada, the EU, Norway, Australia, and also New Zealand.

haven safari logo

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