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Haxson | Smart AirFan With 20 Features For Your Bed


Stylish Cooling, Heating, Purifying, And More In One Spot, For Any Spot

The reason why we don’t get to see this combination more often it’s due to the fact that most who have attempted have either needed to reduce the fan speed or make a lot of noise to accomplish it. With Haxson twin electric motors, consumption and filtration each have a devoted blower! And also, as a result, the minimum sound brings about optimal performance.


With a large chamber for outstanding air flow, the fan function allows you to forget those heat waves entirely. Aim it vertically or horizontally, to achieve that best angle.

Separate environment zones make it easy to appreciate your very own temperature level at night and remain snuggled to those you love. Never bother with power consumption with Haxson by your side, with high thermal effectiveness and a long life expectancy without question.


10 levels of heating for you to choose from! Their PTC ceramic heating plate aids to warm you up much faster, keeps you more secure, as well as reduces energy usage! Most notably, your skin remains hydrated.

With a brushless DC electric motor, the life expectancy and air delivery are matched to ideal dual-motor conditions, and also the effective hollow layout is optimized for you.

Their proprietary style waves 100% of the wind to where you want it, unlike conventional fans, which waste as much as 70% regularly.


Target your power intake, sound, and airflow with Haxson.

AirFan includes a first-rate air cleanser that can handle even one of the most persistent airborne bacteria. We all are entitled to the healthiest air possible!

CADR concentrates on the volume of particle-free air. Nonetheless, the data reveals that it’s not the only factor in indoor air quality, but how much of it we inhale.

In 2019, NCBI medical research discovered that rest quality can be significantly enhanced by offering clean air to an individual.


Purifiers generate clean air as well as cycle it through the space, and directly into the person’s body.

The purifier can obtain as low as 10dB, and max out at 40dB.

The fan can obtain as low as 30dB and max out at 55dB.

There’s no requirement for a bedside lamp with Haxson! Select from over 100 brightness levels and enjoy a night light, reading light, and lamp all-in-one!


When sleep mode is active, the fan rate lowers down significantly, to preserve the maximum quality of sleeping, so everyone wakes up happy and healthy. The fact is that a good night’s rest is very important, and they understand that better than anybody.

Anywhere you have a need, Haxson has a way.

The children’s room, the foot of their bed, near the dog bed, in the living room, at your home office, and much more.

Installation could not be simpler! Glide it in, and that’s it!


And also no matter your requirements, Haxson’s stand can adjust the elevation to match flawlessly.

Bluetooth 5.0 is here, and ready to connect to your smart device for top-notch telephone calls, hands-free or not! Interactive, 15W stereo pairing between any amount of Haxson devices permits a personalized stereo sound stage.

With a portable and modern-day layout, take pleasure in every smart function you can think of. That implies your favorite alarm audio roaring via a versatile display.


Don’t like this side? Turn it over and the clock’s display will flip to match!

Get up naturally with a sunrise alarm, that simulates the start of the day! Don’t fret, you can still strike snooze and roll over.

Establish an alarm system fast with their remote, or your phone!

Haxson includes a touchscreen for accessibility! Control the fan, turn off the alarm, turn on/off the light and sleep mode! Easy controls, for a simple life!

Charge your gadgets overnight with the onboard USB port, restricted to 10W for safety.

Only the wall mounting kit is included in the bundle.


Place Haxson anywhere you desire! Standing upright, on your bed frame, or perhaps on the sides. And lastly, set it and forget it!

A wall mount guide (cardboard paper) will be provided for correct installation. Press a pen tip or sharp pencil tip through the center of the A/B point on each end to mark the holes for the supporting screws, remove the guide, and get drilling!

To make sure all-natural airflow with a bladeless design, they tested Haxson in a wind tunnel, and their confidence in its capability is unmatched. You have never felt anything like it.

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