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HCK3R ✅ Antibacterial Smart Gloves

HCK3R: Antibacterial Smart Gloves

Lined With Pure Silver | Touch Enabled | All Season | Weather Resistant | Hypoallergenic

HCK3R: Antibacterial Smart Gloves

HCK3R ™ Gloves by Arxtec are the next generation patent-pending all-season wise handwear covers lined with SLVRTEC ™, a naturally antibacterial pure silver lining.

Protect your hands, keep them germ-free while you appreciate a wide range of day-to-day tasks.
HCK3R ™ Gloves were engineered with defense and comfort in mind. Built and Tested to Out-last as well as Out-perform alternative gloves on the market.
HCK3R ™ Gloves are made with SLVRTEC ™ 99.9% pure silver lining. It uses natural silver to hinder bacteria development with a process called Ionization.

HCK3R: Antibacterial Smart Gloves

They have tested HCK3R ™ handwear in climates ranging from 29 ° F-79 ° F and authorized for this array. There is a thin layer of microfleece in their 1.0 product so they can obtain warmth in hotter temperature levels. The very best part concerning this is wetness in fact triggers more antibacterial stamina with ionization of the silver (self-sanitizing effect).

The environmental pollution caused by thrown out disposable gloves as well as masks everywhere has significant repercussions. Nitrile gloves can take decades to centuries to biodegrade and this is just as well worrying to put into words. HCK3R ™ gloves can be re-washed over 100 times and still maintain anti-bacterial features.

Meet the Creator
Benjamin Zuiker is an acclaimed supervisor, innovation business owner, and enthusiastic outdoors explorer. Influenced by experiences in the cascade range of mountains of the pacific northwest, ARXTEC™ was produced to establish a smart product design for a brighter future.

Resilient design
They have actually created their item to be incredibly durable as well as has been carefully weather and wash/dry tested for 2 years. They promise you will be pleased with the quality of this product.

Sustainable materials
Each Arxtec product is made from low-impact, risk-free recyclable materials.

Environmentally friendly factories
Arxtec has been building a supply chain for the past year. They’ve ensured a code of conduct for all of their manufacturing companions that consists of specifications around sustainability.

Another level
The nitrile handwear cover air pollution problem has significant ecological repercussions. The function of re-using self-cleaning gloves is a noticeable lasting solution to this ongoing problem. 

HCK3R: Antibacterial Smart Gloves

Do you take photos, create videos, and also face-time family and friends? Are you driven to discover urban forests or luscious rocky landscapes? Or perhaps you simply need to work with your tools from anywhere.

Disclaimer: HCK3R Gloves are neither a medical tool neither are they intended to deal with or avoid any type of medical problem or illness. The facts about anti-bacterial silver properties are extensively recognized, investigated and confirmed by numerous scientific and research study institutions worldwide. These declarations have not been reviewed as well as approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat cure or stop any type of illness.

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