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HCK4R | All Season Graphene Heated Jacket

HCK4R | All Season Graphene Heated Jacket
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“Winter Is Coming”, we all know that phrase, don’t we?

In that manner, look what I got for You!

Introducing HCK4R ™, the pinnacle all-season graphene heated jacket!

HCK4R ™ is ultra-fast heating

featres of jacket

Two times faster than other heated jackets, lightweight, and made to last. Merging daily performance as well as minimal design, HCK4R ™ is your best experience, sport partner, traveling as well as job companion, designed to maintain your comfort in any climate.

hck4r heat control

If you are an everyday traveler, HCK4R ™ will certainly keep you cozy. Keeping you dry and comfortable, whether you are snowboarding or skiing, hiking the hills…

Graphene based heater – Graphenecore

HCK4R ™ features the fastest Graphene-based heater called Graphenecore ™. In seconds feel the real warmth!

jacket features 2

It will become the only jacket you need for your future journeys, ski trips, and adventures.

HCK4R ™ uses Graphenecore ™ innovation: An ultra-fast Graphene-based jacket heating unit that creates therapeutic far-infrared heat.


Graphenecore ™ heater moves infrared warmth via its latticed structure, evenly distributing it around your body. Graphenecore ™ is not just faster than conventional heating approaches (within 1 min). Likewise, it has a high conversion efficiency of more than 80% much better than conventional heating methods. It is capable of generating warm 2X faster than other warmed jackets that utilize carbon fiber heating elements.

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Infrared heat in HCK4R

The Graphenecore ™ has the exceptional advantages of therapeutic infrared heat such as muscular tissue relaxation. Reduces stress and anxiety as a positive side-effect.

infrared heating

There are a lot of benefits that come with Graphene. It conducts electric and thermal energy very well, it is extremely reliable, light-weight, flexible as well as is chemically inert. All those properties make Graphene the excellent material to heat HCK4R ™.

What makes HCK4R the best heated jacket ever?

style, wearing hck4r outdoors

Nowadays, synthetic jackets are the standard. While They are good at creating heat, but can’t measure with what Graphene can. HCK4R ™ is capable of generating heat that any type of conventional down or artificial jacket just isn’t.

detachable hood

Most important, this warmth is produced from healing infrared heat. How do you feel wearing an infrared sauna on a sub-zero wintertime day? No requirement for cumbersome layers beneath! HCK4R ™ will provide you with enough to feel comfortable and cozy. Whether you are visiting the park, trekking the forest, or hitting the slopes.

inside the hck4r

The ‘HCK4R’ All Season Graphene Warmed Coat by Arxtec has three temperature settings to choose from.  It will function well outside of the winter, as an in-between-style garment.

3 settings

Power bank charging

HCK4R ™ can be powered with any kind of power bank. Plug it into the USB-A input in the inner chest pocket. To fire it up, hold the ARXTEC power button for 3 seconds.

power bank charging hck4r

Their basic ARXTEC 10,000 mAh power bank can power HCK4R ™ as well as your device that you need to charge.

Washing HCK4R

machine washing hck4r

HCK4R ™ is 100% machine washable. The Graphenecore ™ heating system is lightweight and fits flawlessly right into the jacket. You don’t have to remove it when it’s time to give it a good clean. Since there are no electrical parts or batteries constructed in, you don’t have to worry. You are free from any damages. Unplug the power bank and you are good to go.

Sizes and pockets

They will offer both for Men’s and Women’s size charts.

In: XXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL as well as XXXL.

pockets inside

HCK4R ™ has a very carefully developed profile of 8 Smart pockets. They are suitable for every journey, commute, or evening out.

style wearing outside

 Starting in early 2021., they wanted to make HCK4R ™ one of the most practical, fastest heating, and long-lasting jackets. They achieved just that.

Design that lasts

HCK4R is made from the most durable materials on earth. There is a 2-year warranty that features each jacket. They guarantee you will certainly be pleased with the quality of their product.

front jacket
  • Reusability and recyclability.

They intend to carry out a fully eco-friendly and also recyclable packaging design.

  • Sustainability

Each ARXTEC product is made from low-impact, safe recyclable materials.

logo arxtec

ARXTEC has been building a supply chain for the past 2 years. They have ensured a code of conduct for every one of their manufacturing partners. That includes specifications around sustainability.


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