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HeliosCam | Wireless 4K x 3 Panoramic Security Camera


HeliosCam is a 360 degree panoramic security camera with intelligent AI recognition. HeliosCam is easily installed anywhere.

From well-designed rugged hardware to intelligent software, HeliosCam is a user-centric product. You will have a smarter, simpler, and more powerful security camera than ever before. This is a new era of all-in-one 360-degree security cameras, and HeliosCam is well-equipped with everything you need!

HeliosCam’s wireless connectivity, along with its self-sufficient power supply system, HeliosCam is a security camera right out of the box.

HeliosCam also supports you to DIY its installation location, whether it is indoor, outdoor, street, farm, ranch, etc. HeliosCam is the best choice for you.


Traditional security cameras are either by mounting 2-3 cameras in one location or require constant rotation of the camera to achieve a 360° view. The first way is costly as well as troublesome to install. The second way leads to an inconsistent video. If the activity occurs in the opposite direction of the camera, it cannot be monitored.

To address this pain point, HeliosCam combines the latest technology from their R&D team to seamlessly integrate the three cameras. Not with housing that holds the three cameras together, but with algorithms that truly integrate them into one, yet in each role.

The HeliosCam App will present you with real-time panoramic surveillance video. And also supports you to view individual views of each camera. HeliosCam can intelligently capture every detail for you, without any manual control or tedious work.


Interactive Virtual Fence

Frame your home’s yard on your phone screen so HeliosCam knows that this is the home it needs to protect. This is HeliosCam’s virtual fence feature.

All you need to do is simply outline the areas you need to monitor on your phone screen and set the smart event triggering mechanism. Let HeliosCam protect the areas you need to protect and also let you see only what you need to see.


License Plate Registration

HeliosCam can recognize your license plate. Once you register your license plate to HeliosCam’s database, you can choose to have HeliosCam protect it. Moreover, you can choose to make your car a VIP user. In other words, come and go as you please, without triggering any alert mechanism.

3840×2160 Sharpness Gets You the Details You Need

HeliosCam’s three built-in cameras are all Sony CMOS sensors and give you 3 × 3840 x 2160 = 3 × 4K Ultra HD picture quality. There will always be a moment when the HD quality of the image will make a difference. That’s why they’ve equipped HeliosCam with a full line-up of 4K cameras – to guarantee video quality at all times.


Starlight – Color Night Vision

Night vision – clear and invisible. HeliosCam has a PIR Sensor in each camera position. It will automatically switch to night vision monitoring for all-around coverage once the night comes.

HeliosCam has a Sony CMOS high-sensitivity sensor. So even at night when ambient light is low – it can record a color video.

In addition, they have equipped HeliosCam with three spotlights. In total darkness, when HeliosCam detects human movement, it will immediately light up in white. Not only to ensure a color shot but also to serve as a warning.  (If you don’t need this feature, you can manually turn it off).


EasyLink will address the pain points of camera hacking and the instability of connecting multiple cameras.

Wireless connections have many benefits, such as no wiring required, no worries about aging wiring, or lightning strikes that could damage the entire system. Because no wiring is necessary to connect, lightning strikes from this device will not affect other devices.

HeliosCam’s panoramic view and wireless connectivity allow for a real minimalist installation – one place needs ONE security camera only.

Traditional security cameras – When multiple cameras need to be connected, one of which is far away from the home base, video interruptions can easily occur due to the limited transmission distance of the wireless network.

HeliosCam’ EasyLink – Each HeliosCam, like its home base, is a wireless repeater. Therefore, the placement of each HeliosCam camera is no longer always fixed at a distance of 100m from the home base but can be extended indefinitely. For example, you can place four HeliosCams at a distance of 100m + 100m + 100m + 100m = 400m.

Traditional Star Networking

EasyLink Intelligent Networking

During the development of EasyLink, they surprisingly find that it could perform another function. Making its data transmission smarter and more stable. EasyLink can automatically assign data transfer routes. It will assign each route based on how much bandwidth is available at the time – to ensure the most efficient data transfer.

With EasyLink, no matter how many HeliosCam you need to install, you don’t need to install another system – add a Home Base is all you need.


Intelligent Automatic Networking

EasyLink guarantees the stability of the HeliosCam security system to work around the clock. As mentioned earlier, EasyLink can intelligently distribute the transmission path of surveillance data. And by constantly modifying its algorithms, it also protects the daily operation of your HeliosCam surveillance system. For example, if one of your 8 HeliosCams suddenly fails to work properly, HeliosCam will automatically arrange for the other HeliosCams connected to that camera to immediately switch to another working node, ensuring that the system operates properly without bringing it down completely.

Private Network

One of the main reasons why surveillance cameras are vulnerable to hacking is that they rely primarily on standard Wi-Fi networks for connectivity. Because they are international standards, the protocols are public, and very good references for everyone’s decryption.

To address this issue, their team has done many proposals and tests. They chose to create a new shield – Bluetooth BLE; with the premise of using Wi-Fi networks for data transfer, HeliosCam’s Wi-Fi connection will only be available to devices that have been matched via Bluetooth BLE private protocol. Therefore, no one will be able to search for your HeliosCam over Wi-Fi, let alone decrypt it.

During the hardware design of HeliosCam, they were considering that power supply is also an important part of surveillance cameras. As a result, HeliosCam supports three types of power supplies, as well as external devices to power it. This provides maximum assurance that power supply anomalies will not affect HeliosCam’s operation.

  • HeliosCam’s built-in battery is replaceable.
  • You can achieve a wired connection by using a CAT cable to connect to HeliosCam’s RJ45 port.
  • You can connect the remote solar panel to HeliosCam’s DC port to increase solar power.

Mitigating false alarms is a crucial prerequisite for you to have peace of mind, and to protect what you care about. HeliosCam has not only improved the original technology in this area but also integrated new innovations made by their R&D team.

Bluetooth Device Detection

HeliosCam automatically searches for Bluetooth devices in the surrounding area, such as smartwatches and smartphones. The Bluetooth unique identifier MAC address of the visitor’s device is then matched against HeliosCam’s database. Used to identify if the visitor is someone you can trust, and to determine if an alert is needed. (This process does not require a Bluetooth connection to the device.)


Fusion of PIR & mmWave Radar

The single-use of PIR sensors as the basis for motion detection determination is the drawback of traditional surveillance cameras – susceptible to factors such as light and weather, resulting in less stable heat-sensing detection.

They settled on working with a combination of millimeter-wave radar and PIR sensors. This is not only because mmWave radar is less affected by light and weather factors and is more stable, but mainly because they have proven technology in this area. By fusing PIR and mmWave radar sensors, HeliosCam can better ensure the accuracy of motion detection, providing you with more reliable notifications and video recordings.


Vibration Anti-theft Detection

A vibrating anti-theft system has been specially designed into HeliosCam. When HeliosCam detects abnormal vibrations in the device itself, it immediately sounds an alarm and flashes red and blue lights – without forgetting to send an SOS message to the owner, of course.

For the most part, your HeliosCam security camera will be on standby, keeping a close and silent watch on your property. But when an intruder is on the scene, with HeliosCam’s very advanced motion detection technology, its active deterrent sensing system won’t stand idly by, but warn potential criminals with strobe Lights, sirens, and sounds.

  • Strobe Lights – HeliosCam supports both manual and automatic ways to turn on its light alarm function.
  • Green Light – The green light flashes to inform passersby that this is a real-time monitoring area, and to be aware of their behavior.
  • Red & Blue Light Flashing – When someone is detected entering your predefined area, and the identity of the visitor cannot be determined, the green light will immediately switch to a red and blue flashing light, and a warning that the person has entered your private area by mistake and needs to leave immediately.
  • Auditory Warning Sound – Through very high-tech and sophisticated algorithms, HeliosCam can accurately distinguish between human motion and other types of motion. As a result, HeliosCam’s active deterrence feature can support both sirens and sound recordings, adding a higher level of protection to your home and property.

The perfect combination of camera and Home base not only ensures your privacy and security but also provides you with more possibilities.


Privacy is their priority

Privacy protection has always been and is our top priority. HeliosCam does several things to provide maximum protection for your privacy.

Outer Simplicity. Inner Refinement.

HeliosCam’s home base provides you with a variety of storage options, and other features through its powerful hardware support.


Diversified Storage

  • Local Storage: All videos will be storing on an upgradable SD card in the home base to ensure no data leakage. No monthly fees.
  • External Hard Drive: There is a USB port on the Home base that supports an external hard drive to expand video storage space.
  • Third-Party Cloud Storage: For privacy and security reasons, HeliosCam itself does not provide cloud storage. HeliosCam supports using person cloud storage accounts such as AWS or DropBox for video storage.

Reliable Alarm and Notifications

The home base has an integrated alarm speaker also. You can receive instant alarm notifications when you’re at home but your phone isn’t with you.


Backup Battery

The home base has an integrated lithium battery as a backup. In the event of a power outage, more than 24 hours of battery life is available.

Smart Integration

With the HeliosCam application, you can view, capture, save and protect what’s valuable to you in real-time, anytime, anywhere. It has in-depth manual setting options and complete control over all the details.

Face Retrieval

Not only does HeliosCam feature powerful AI objects and face recognition, but its app utilizes the power of your smartphone. It can automatically recognize and classify faces in videos and pictures. So you no longer need to spend hours poring over video recordings just to find a few seconds of footage.


Two-Way Audio

The built-in speaker and microphone with echo cancellation allow you to interact with pets and family – or dissuade unwelcome guests.

Excellent Heat Dissipation&Cold Climate Capability

The interior of HeliosCam has a dissipation space. This is a ventilated partition between the solar panel and the main control board, which isolates most of the sun’s heat from the circuitry. HeliosCam can withstand the high temperatures of direct outdoor sunlight. Moreover, three sets of exposed aluminum heat sinks can also quickly take away the heat generated when the device is working.


With HeliosCam’s reliable circuit design, the device will function at -20℃ (-4℉). If the HeliosCam is installed in a harsher environment, such as temperatures below -30℃ (-22℉), you can choose to turn on HeliosCam’s thermostat system to heat the inside of the device. Please note that turning on the thermostat system will increase power consumption.

Stay Strong, Stay Weatherproof

Armed with a rugged housing, the IP66 weatherproof cameras can stand up to thunderstorms, extreme cold/heat, and any other harsh weather.


HeliosCam’s material is also paint-supported. Considering that some users may wish or be required to alter its exterior color, they have also equipped HeliosCam’s camera with a masking sticker so that you don’t have to worry about dirtying its lens and other important parts when painting.

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