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Heroclip Large

100 lbs of anything, anywhere, any time. Our super-sized rotating clip hook helps you keep your stuff together.

No more messing around!

Say “hello” to the newest super-sized multi-tool to fit your super-sized life and say “goodbye” to fumbling around with your gear!

Up to 100 lbs of gear

Introducing the Heroclip that clips, hangs, and holds more than ever before. Designed with the same revolutionary clip/hook system found in all Heroclips, this is our largest clip yet and allows for more hands free versatility than its predecessors. Heroclip Large doesn’t mess around, it is here to provide the helping hand that you deserve because sometimes, the floor is just not an option.

Heroclip is a twice-patented clip-swivel-hook system that makes everyday and extraordinary life easier for all. Heroclip has a high caliber, carabiner-style clip on one end and a durable hook with a rubber gripping tip on the other. And in-between—two pivots and a swivel. The pivots allow Heroclip to hang in the most awkward spaces and the swivel allows easy access to whatever you need from what you are hanging. Together, Heroclip is infinitely clip-able, hook-able and usable for hanging all your gear needs.

Heroclip features 

Heroclip replaces many tools…

We’re thrilled that our Heroclip line has received amazingly positive from customers. But you asked for more, and we listened — The larger gate opening and hefty hook size of the Heroclip Large allow you to hang even heavier gear (up to 100 lbs!) from the widest and most awkward objects.

An impressive 40% larger than our Medium clip and with a weight limit of 100lbs or 45 kilograms, Heroclip Large is the ideal choice for sizeable items including suitcases, ice chests, tool boxes, flood lights, outdoor gear, and more of your bigger needs! Do yourself a favor and invest in a hybrid-style clip that helps embrace life’s toughest jobs and adventures.


Heroclip Large will come in an array of colors, including designs that were directly taken from photographs of adventure photographer Chris Burkard (one of our biggest fans) — “Tidal” and “Artic” come from two of our favorite photographs from Chris’ book At Glacier’s End.

Size & Capacity 

The New Heroclip line-Up

Thanks to your support, the Heroclip family will have a new addition. Check out below how it fits in with our existing line! The new size Large is 40% bigger than the Medium.

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