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HEROS Trauma Shears | For When Every Second Counts

HEROS Trauma Shears

HÉROS can cut through anything. ER doctors, Navy SEALs, and SAR agree: best shears ever created.

HEROS Trauma Shears are a professional-grade tool for anyone in the business of saving lives. With over 10 years of research and testing in the field by paramedics, emergency physicians, Navy SEALs, and a NASA flight surgeon, to sum up, HÉROS are the most powerful shears you’ll ever encounter.

HEROS Trauma Shears

This reinvented necessity combines 8 tools in 1, including trauma shears, ripper, window punch, ring cutter, oxygen tank key, and hex key into a single, easy-access tool with superior durability.

Cuts through anything with razor-sharp precision and the power of a great white shark’s bite.

HEROS Trauma Shears cut through anything with intensity and ease because they are modeled after the bite of a Great White Shark.

HEROS Trauma Shears

Sharks’ teeth have a unique serration pattern that makes them powerful shearing machines. They replicated that serration pattern in the HÉROS blades so you can expose injuries quicker and easier every time you reach for your shears.

On top of this one-of-a-kind biomimicry, they precisely designed the blade length and handle pivot point for minimal effort and maximum force.

  • Shears cuts and rips over and over again without dulling
  • Engages materials without snags, catching, or bunching
  • Cuts without blades twisting or bending, even with maximum force
  • Ultimate cutting performance comes down to the quality of the steel.
HEROS Trauma Shears

Their blades are Japanese AUS-8 steel alloy for their strength, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance. AUS-8 steel’s composition, in conjunction with its heat-treating process, creates an extremely hard material that’s resistant to corrosion and can maintain a razor-sharp edge.

HÉROS offers 8 tools in one so you can carry everything you need on your person and don’t waste precious time switching from one tool to another.

Emergency situations require precision down to the second, so why are trauma shears throw-away quality?

HEROS Trauma Shears

The frequency of sharpening depends on how often you use the shears and what they are used on. They recommend sharpening every 3-5 years with regular use.

Emergency physician Scott Forman created Héros shears because he was over with the poor design and disposable quality of standard trauma shears.

After developing prototypes in his garage in New Mexico, he teamed up with Sandia National Laboratories (America’s nuclear weapons engineering lab) to take his brainchild to the next level.

In an emergency, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Héros grips are ambidextrous and will give you multiple grip options (including with thick gloves) so you can deliver the right amount of force in different situations.

HEROS Trauma Shears

Héros elastomer finger grips are over-molded directly onto the fully tanged blades. This soft, textured material provides comfort and secure hold that reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

The integrated carabiner* clip ensures HEROS are always there when you need them.

Attach HEROS to your belt loop, gear bag, or backpack (accommodates MOLLE).

*The carabiner clip has not been tested or rated for load-bearing functions; it is solely for ease of access (e.g., not for use in climbing or rescue applications).

HEROS Trauma Shears

Héros Shears meet TSA carry-on requirements and have traveled in carry-on luggage on multiple flights. Both the U.S. and internationally.

Heros Trauma Shears is the hero of your everyday carry. It’s your must-have when you’re on the job or off the beaten path, leave for the job or go backcountry.

Most importantly, this life-saving device is an essential tool for first responders, EMS, and the military. In other words, its versatility makes it invaluable for hunters, fishermen, scuba divers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Trauma shears exist for one purpose: to save lives. Yet these devices have long been considered throwaway items. Conventional shears have poor design, cheap manufacture, and only last one or two heavy uses (if you’re lucky). Héros Shears embody what the trauma shear industry should have been all along.

HEROS Trauma Shears

HEROS Trauma Shears are made for abuse, can be trusted in any situation, and are built to last. Just like your essential gear should.

Feature-filled and designed to be by your side season after season, they just might rock your world. It’s a tool for those who can’t compromise.

Welcome to the cutting edge of trauma shear technology!

The board-certified emergency physician with specialties in wilderness, expedition, marine, hyperbaric, travel, and disaster medicine. Previously a rock-climbing instructor and high-altitude international mountain guide. Believes that the best gear–no matter what he is doing–makes all the difference.

HEROS Trauma Shears

Industrial and mechanical designer of products and systems for consumer goods, medical, and nuclear energy industries. Todd loves turning ideas into reality. Believes combining form and function is both an art and a science, and these principles are the motto in their Héros Shears.

Communications professional with over 30 years of experience across internal and external communications for diverse clients in technology, consumer goods, and education. Believes that good communication–like rock climbing–requires a strategic approach, a focus on mechanics, and no small measure of finesse.

HEROS Trauma Shears

Experienced manager of projects and teams with a prior background as a naval aviator who brings a mindset of efficiency and process focus to the team. Believes communication and adaptability are crucial for success … but knows that the plane can always be flown from the back. Madi is spearheading this campaign and manages all the behind-the-scenes actions.

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