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High Six | The Compact 6in1 Fast Charging Cable

In the era of apps , phone data etc., one thing that we all have to do, every day, sometimes multiple times a day is to… Charge our phones!

Often happens that we miss out on the main thing that makes us less technologically unstoppable. It’s the cable! One piece of equipment that we can’t just live without. High six is a little key chain assistant that means so much…

charging phone via laptop

Make on-the-go charging simpler with one portable device on your key chain

Entitled as the tiniest and most portable 6in1 fast-charging cable, High Six is approximately the dimension of your zipper tag! Turning your charging cable right into a convenient bit of EDC that you can bring anywhere with you.

High six design

Meaning, no more entangled cables in your laptop bag! Also no more worrying if you left your cables at home, and more importantly, no more wires cluttering your work desk. It features a stylish stainless-steel housing inside which sits the small cable. Pop it out, unfold it, and after that little contraption is ready to fast-charge and move information. Suitable for Apple also for Android devices!

charging phone via powerbank

The connectors and adapters

They slide perfectly into its elegant metal casing that way secures them on your key chain.

High six on key chain

The High Six 6-in-1 charging cable charges nearly all smartphones with two detachable adapters. So, you can take a charging cable with you anywhere you go.

components of high six

Its dimensions are tiny, 61 x 16.5 x 12mm, and also weigh only 17g. With the ultra-small and lightweight design, it’s so effortless to carry it around. Meanwhile, the small cord comes with a sleek 2mm thick stainless steel case to safely keep the cable and adapters in one place. Using a keyring (included), you can conveniently attach it to your keychain.

magnet charging High six

The main cable is USB-C to USB-C

Fast charging and data transfer are the most important options for this gadget. Additionally, using the removable lightning/micro USB connector and USB-A adapter, the keychain cable maximizes its compatibility. Furthermore, the primary USB-C charging cable comes geared up with two magnets so they could hold the adapters in place when they’re stored in the case. In addition, fun fact, the case has an interesting option. The bottle opener!

The bootle opener

Available in 4 fashionable colors

Black, All Black, Silver, and Rose Gold

Black color High Six
All black high six
silver hgh six color
roselgold high six

The new design is also smaller than High Five

Lighter, smaller, as well as more secure. It is the reliable successor of High 5. They listened to user experience so they could incorporated novities for a better new product.

style , High sixon a key ring

For example, the cap for High 5 was not efficient in enduring the day-to-day damage on a key chain also often users lost it. That is why High Six has a smooth steel case. That way puts and preserves the adapters in place as you deal with your day.

High Six is the 2nd generation of High Five. Solving issues found in High Five after long-lasting usage was crucial. Losing the USB-A adapter cap was one of them. Improving to a USB-C to USB-C cable, a micro-USB to USB-C…

two phones conected with high six

Also, High Six is geared up with power delivery of up to 60 watts and data transfer.

Key facts at a glance

  • Data and charging cable with fast charging capabilities (up to 60 watts) for your keychain.
  • USB-C to USB-C connector
  • Includes additional connectors for USB-A, micro-USB and Lightning
  • Stainless steel case doubles as a bottle opener
  • Data transfer rate of 480 Mbit/s
  • Compact size of 12 x 16.5 x 61 mm
  • Weight: 16.5 grams
  • Available in four different colors: Black, all black, rose gold and silver
The connestions and extra

Charging speeds

  • USB – C to USB – C = PD 60W 3A
  • USB – C to Micro – USB = 2.4A
  • USB – C to Lightning = 2.4A
  • USB – A to USB – C = PD 60W 3A
  • USB – A to Micro – USB = 2.4
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