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hodi | Your Ideal Combination of Glass and Ceramic Mug

hodi is an all-in-one travel mug that takes advantages of glass, ceramic, and vacuum insulated stainless steel to keep your beer chill

Introducing hodi – all-in-1 travel mug!


1. Keep your beer chill

The perfect combination of 12oz glass and vacuum insulated stainless steel keep your beverages chill for 2 times longer. It enables you to savor your drink the way it is without destroying its original flavors.

Condensation won’t form when filled with an iced drink, your hand won’t slip and water won’t drip while enjoying a cold beer.

2-in-1 travel mug – beer bottle – soft drink can – cocktail


No condensation

Condensation won’t form when filled with an iced drink, your hand won’t slip and water won’t drip while enjoying a cold beer.

2. Keep your Coffee hot

Hodi is extremely versatile, it can keep your hot beverages hot for over 6 hours! The excellent insulation is enhanced by a full double-walled design, allowing the drink inside to be vacuum insulated. Their ceramic inner shield mug can hold the purest flavor and it will keep your coffee hot for an afternoon break. Also, it can prevent the mug from having any potential metal smell.


3. Safe to use

Hodi is a BPA-free travel mug. It is safe to use and you can avoid the accumulation of BPA levels in your body. A high BPA level can relate to some diseases such as breast cancer and eroded death.

4. Functions

Double lock

They designed hodi to endure daily hard use. The top lid includes an extra Double Safety Lock, so the lid will only open when you want it to, never spill inside your bag.


Tea Filter

Hodi has built-in tea infusers. These stainless steel infusers allow the tea leaves to expand and unfurl while they steep, resulting in a brighter more flavorful cup of tea.

Anti-slip plastic

The bottom with anti-slip material keeps your bottle from being knocked over by accident.

5. Carry All Day

Fits in hand, fits in a bag, fits in a cup holder. You can bring it literally anywhere!


Hodi is not just a very useful bottle, it also helps protect the environment.

The most prominent features are; elevating the drinking experience for both beer and coffee, keep your iced beverage chill, keep your beverage hot, no condensation, no metallic and rubbery taste, tea filter, double safety lock, leak-proof lid, hidden compartment, environmentally friendly, ergonomic design.

Choose from two color options; white or black.


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