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Hoodie-X | by Graphene-X

The Hoodie-X goes beyond the limits of the impossible.

Hy gals and guys!

So, it’s that time of the year when we are starting to take layers ON. If you are a woman, you are always in a search for that one specific piece that will match with everything. Well, I wanted to share with you my recent discovery! They call it a Hoodie, but personally I would were it also as a jacket, blazer… It has that futuristic design that fits almost everybody. All time wearable, sporty, classy, yup, Hoodie-X has that X factor!

Hoodie lifestyle

If you are a guy, there is no discussion. Men wearing black is, well… “Men in black”.

Self-confident and simple, just what a men has to be.

It has a great potential to become one of the most innovative zip-up hoodies ever!

Hoodie - X, Graphene-X, men, woman, zip-up

Thanks to a three-layered material, with a futuristic membrane, it protects you against all outdoor elements.

Manage rain, wind, snow, cold, and heat with the same piece of gear.

Engineered to last for a lifetime, the Hoodie-X gives you the levels of comfort that you deserve. Extreme performance is indisputable! On one side is a soft graphene-integrated fleece that will keep you warm even if you are always cold. In the middle, there is a membrane layer that battles against all conditions. What makes it special is a proprietary nylon-based fabric that that will maintain your freshness – even when the heat is up.

all weather hoodie-x

Durability and versatility are their major drivers when reinventing clothes.

When they put their selves in the task of engineering the Hoodie-X these drivers were fundamental. Materials scientific research played a big role right here. Their main goal was to achieve these four key points:

  • 1. That it protects you against aspects such as heat, cool, rainfall, wind, snow.
  • 2. highest level of comfort that could last a lifetime.
  • 3. That is so usable – you can use it all year long.
  • 4. To make all this possible was to make both sides of the hoodie work as independent gear.

The Hoodie-X needs to be 2-faced

Hoodie - X, 2-faced Graphene - x

One face of the Hoodie-X includes a Graphene-integrated grid fleece. When worn protects you from extreme cold. Graphene excels at unbearable heat, as well as its Far Infrared (FIR) radiation profile is virtually the same as that of the body. That suggests it is remarkably efficient at gathering as well as maintaining warmth. With its bacteriostatic properties of Graphene, the Hoodie-X will never smell.

They put the Hoodie-X at the test versus a normal (top of the line/ high-end brand) hoodie on a 1,4 Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius)in a freezer. While the benchmark hoodie marked the same temperature on both sides, the Hoodie-X had a +6 Celcius (43 Fahrenheit) temperature. They measured it after half an hour of direct exposure to the cold. It was on the Graphene-integrated face, and that measuring only confirmed our thoughts.

On the other face, they integrated a cutting-edge Nylon-based Ruco-therm fabric. It was made by German manufacturing company Rudolf. This textile provides lasting evaporative air conditioning effects. The material is like absolutely nothing you have ever before touched before So soft yet so functional!

Hoodie - X, temperature measuring , thermal experiment

Dealing with all weather conditions

To measure this face of the Hoodie-X they sat their two mannequins (so we leave out of the formula body temperature levels) on the beach for 60 mins. An extremely hot day was an important factor for measuring the temperature level of the internal side of both hoodies. The Hoodie-X’s interior face remained 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) degrees colder than the other hoodie’s internal face. Once again, they won their bets.

Hoodie - X, 3-layered membrane, graphene fleece

Now, the important thing is that they deal with not only cold but also hot climates. Stormy, snowy, as well as windy factors were their challenge. The only way to go against them was to incorporate an ultra-high performance membrane (which is sandwiched in between the other 2 fabrics). To achieve this, the materials undertake a heat process. So they could compete lwith heavy-duty fabric.

beating cold weather

This membrane layer is not just hydrophobic, it’s also incredibly breathable. It permits moist vapor to escape flawlessly. Even though this membrane is classified as a 10k water-resistant membrane layer (Hydrostatic head test) they specify the Hoodie-X is a water-resistant hoodie. This is a result of the reversible nature of the hoodie. The only method to keep 100% of the water out when exposed for a long period of time in hefty rain is with taped seams (as the Alpha Series Jacket). Nevertheless, the Hoodie-X will keep you dry in most situations.

Hoodie-X is Stretchable

A hoodie requires to extend. Comfortability relies on that factor! And the Hoodie-X does that, it stretches in such a way you would never imagine. You are using a 3-layered membrane-integrated material, don’t forget that. Less but better, it’s their mission – and follows through into their guarantee terms. They work with the toughest material on Earth, with top-notch elements. Colaboration with the best manufactures in the world is a must.

Hoodie - X, lifetime guarante,

All their clothing has a lifetime guarantee.

Any type of defects or non-functional elements is covered for the rest of your life. That’s their promise to you.

You always need that extra pocket, right?

Chest pocket, and a secret/invisible cuff pocket, sounds promissing. These pockets come through either side of the Hoodie-X. So, no matter – facing cold or warmth you’ll obtain lots of storage to make your stuff safe.

Pockets of hoodie-x

The Hoodie-X integrates a RECCO reflector. This technology can save your life and the best part is you won’t know it exists. This is a reflector that does not require power to run. But it will show signals from the rescue mission (in case you obtain lost in the adventure). That way they can locate you much faster.

Till now, the products were made just for guys. They finally decided it was time to think of the ladies! With this, the females’ version of the Hoodie-X has a different cut, aiming to be as comfy as a hoodie can be.

Graphene – X

It is not only the strongest material in the world, but it’s also the lightest. In addition to this, it has various other superhero properties: It’s hydrophobic, bacteriostatic, flexible, it’s practically transparent. It produces a Far Infrared Wave (energy), most comparable to the one emitted by the human body. Self-regulation of heat and cold.

Hoodie - X, lifestyle, woman and men

This is the material that upgrades the fleece of the Hoodie-X. 

At Graphene-X they take environmental responsibility as a must. With this, they have been Climate Neutral licensed from the very beginning.

Made to last

The irrefutable fact is that the best method to be sustainable in this market is to produce clothing that lasts!

 Also, by being Corporate Members of the Graphene council, Graphene-X joined titans as Ford, BASF, and LG. The most significant consortium of firms that are developing cutting-edge items with Graphene. They just work with manufacturers that are participants of this Council. This guarantees you the best and most environmentally sound Graphene.

Hodie-X is comfortable

 By getting to know what Graphene is, you already belong to the 0.1% of the population that knows the benefits of this material.

Hoodie – X is not a billboard

They want you to choose them because you believe in their product. As for this, they don’t need to make your hoodie an advertising tool of their brand. A refined black-on-black published logo on the back of the hoodie is the only branding they put on the Hoodie-X.

Hoodie - X team, ceo, customer experience, menager

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