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HUB | A Minimal Magnetic Organizer for your Life

HUB: A Minimal Magnetic Organizer for your Life

Everything you need in one convenient place. Declutter your life and quickly store your everyday accessories. Slim. Modular. Magnetic.

What’s the first thing you do when you return home from work? If you’re anything like everybody else, you’ll drop your keys, sunglasses, wallet, and various other accessories on the kitchen table or work desk and things can get untidy really fast. They understood there had to be a far better way.

Introducing HUB: A very small, magnetic tool to maintain everything in one area. Designed and engineered for those that want a more organized and practical way of keeping their essentials in one place.

The HUB is a magnetic modular organizer that provides you to stay easily organized in the house or on the go – and ensures you go out the door faster.

HUB: A Minimal Magnetic Organizer for your Life


It’s a much better way to bring your keys and various other day-to-day items. The slim design factor of the HUB ModPanel holds together and also uses up no room. Its smooth and modern-day design will certainly look fantastic in your apartment/house wall or your workdesk. It’s the ideal option to never ever losing your keys again!

Forget about seeking your keys, wallet, and other items right before you need to leave the house or the workplace. Walk out the door in secs and be on your way.

HUB: A Minimal Magnetic Organizer for your Life

1. Maintain everything in one hassle-free & organized area

  • Merely attach your magnetic Mods to the low-profile HUB ModPanel and maintain your items and essentials organized. Fits literally anywhere.
  • No more unpleasant keychain hooks, messy tabletops or missing keys. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Minimal Design

  • Slim & smooth layout to maximize your space.
  • Low-profile, sleek design.

3. Grab & Go

It’s a time saver. Get out the door faster. Get the mods off the HUB ModPanel in a second and go. No more searching for your things. Simply grab them off the ModPanel affix them to the magnetic HUB Clip.

4. Magnetic Magic

You’ll enjoy the magnetic HUB’s fun and easy-to-use Fidlock magnetic attachments.

5. Unlimited Modularity

  • It begins with your keys, a product you never leave the house without. However, it doesn’t end there. The HUB Cardholder & Sanitizer Holder Mods are useful additions to your collection and also they’ll be releasing a number of beneficial mods in the future.
  • Suitable with their existing modular devices.
  • Existing Modular Range.

6. On the go access

Obtain instant accessibility when you attach the HUB Clip to any kind of item of textile or loop.

7. An ecosystem of your life

Whether at home or on the go, the HUB is an ecosystem of mods that connects to your life & makes it simpler for you to remain organized so you can focus on what matters the most.

Connect the 3M adhesive to a flat surface (wall or work desk). The HUB ModPanel is ready to be used.

HUB: A Minimal Magnetic Organizer for your Life

Take one among the Mods and affix it to the ModPanel when at home or in the workplace.

When on the move, connect the HUB Clip to any type of textile or loophole & and then affix any of the Mods to it.

The HUB ecological community consists of 3 HUB Mods and 2 HUB ModPanels to attach all the mods.

The Max: You can connect up to 6 modular items (mods) to this low-profile rail.

The Mini: This is the smaller-sized variation and is an ideal fit for tight spaces like a work desk. You can affix as many as 3 mods.

The HUB variety is not only compatible with their future generation of modular things, however, it’s additionally compatible with their existing modular accessories.

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