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HUENIT | AI camera & modular robot arm

HUENIT - AI camera & modular robot arm

HUENIT has AI vision, 3D printer, laser engraving and drawing modules. All your ideas become reality with HUENIT!

This very modern and advanced tool is something you don’t want to miss out on. HUENIT modular robot arm is a smart and practical thing to have in your office. It will help you create the most amazing 3D creations, engravings and so much more. It has a lot of AI features that will make your life easier and the process itself more fun than ever. Get it for the best price while you still can, because you won’t be disappointed for sure.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm

HUENIT is a modular robot arm designed to utilize AI, 3D, laser, and robotics easily and quickly. Using HUENIT, you can make all the ideas you imagine into reality.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm

High Precision Robot Arm

With built-in noise reduction, HUENIT operates quickly, precisely, and quietly. Moreover, it can lift up to 750g and move at speeds of up to 500 mm/s.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm

AI Camera

AI camera module equipped with RISK-V-based 64-bit processors and AI accelerators supports real-time image recognition and even voice recognition through built-in microphones. It is capable of a variety of artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, image classification, object detection, line tracking, color recognition, human segmentation, etc.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm

You can easily create your own artificial intelligence models with simple photo data. A variety of well-trained artificial intelligence models are also available. AI camera can operate alone, so it can be connected with open-source hardware like Arduino, Raspberry Pi as well as HUENIT using a UART port.

Laser Engraving & Cutting

The high-power laser(2500mW) with an automatic cooling system is capable of cutting and engraving various materials. Use a laser module to create your own artwork.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm laser engraving

Materials: MDF/Balsa/Paper/Wood/Fabric/Leather/Plywood/Foam paper/Anodized Aluminum, etc.

3D printing with Auto-leveling

Don’t spend time on bed-leveling anymore! In other words, HUENIT’s 3D printer module’s auto-leveling function makes it easy to begin 3D printing. The 3D printer module has a 40W heater & dual cooling system and can use PLA, ABS, and TPU filaments.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm 3d printing with auto leveling


HUENIT has a built-in vacuum pump in its body, so you can connect immediately without additional connection. Also, it’s possible to rotate 180 degrees with a built-in servo motor.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm suction

Pen holder

Using the Pen-holder Module, HUENIT can additionally function with colorful pens. Use it to draw attractive paintings or calligraphy.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm pen holder

Creator module

HUENIT also provides user customizing modules. Design your own modules with creative ideas.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm creator module

Auto Tool Change

HUENIT can replace the module itself by using an electromagnet. By using its auto tool change, HUENIT can take on the workload of 2~3 normal robot arms. Continuously produce laser engraving products or drawings using HUENIT’s pen holders.

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm auto tool change
  • Easy Tool replacement
  • Easily change the tools manually.
  • Easy-to-use SW & Touch Display

Their software makes it easy to control all of HUENIT’s functions. Therefore, it’s possible to develop using block coding, python, Arduino C++, and G-code.

Also, it can be easily connected with Arduino or Raspberry Pi through UART communication.

WiFi & Bluetooth

HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm wifi bluetooth

HUENIT supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to easily connect to your mobile devices. Create IoT functions through the Web or control the robot wirelessly with Bluetooth.


HUENIT AI camera and modular robot arm team

They are a passionate startup team based in Seoul & Dover, made up of electronics, robotics, software, and artificial intelligence experts. So, they aim to create innovative products that can utilize new technologies in people’s daily lives. They’ve spent the past 2 years fine-tuning HUENIT to prepare for its release. They’re so happy to introduce you to HUENIT and are grateful for its supporters and backers.

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