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Hug | The insulated collapsible mug


Up to 9 height options, double-walled insulation, pocket friendly, made from recycled material, and climate positive +

Did you know that there are around 264 billion cups thrown away each year? The vast majority of them are non-recyclable and cannot biodegrade due to having a plastic liner. They thought why not make a mug that is super convenient. Like a wallet but then with cool features like double-wall insulation. Therefore, the Hug was born.

Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

First, they started with a form factor that easily fits into most poppers and bags but also has a large enough capacity for most day-to-day use. Then, unlike other collapsible mugs or paper cups, the outer shell is sturdy with a lid that makes it super secure.

So, no more lid mishaps due to this structure. There is no need for an additional sleeve to assemble or lose. You can use the full length of the body to hold naturally for the mouthpiece. They distilled the movement by just pressing down and away to open and simply pushing into the lock when you collapse it.

Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

The hard-outer shell means no compressing an accidental spillage remaining completely drip-free to ensure it is super simple for day-to-day use. Both the lid and the platinum cured inner silicone are antimicrobial, making them perfect for cleaning on the go.

Hug has a bespoke multi-level locking mechanism that offers up to nine different height options.

Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

Meaning that it fits anywhere and you can choose how big it is by having the inner silicon offset from the outer shell with a sonically welded air gap in the lid.

They developed a design that accommodates ‘air’ gaps in the lid and on the sides to offer insulation for the beverage when it is in its expanded form factor. This makes it up to 4X more heat retentive than other collapsible mugs.

There are 9 height options, so it fits into any barista coffee machine or other drinks dispenser!

Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

This is done by simply holding the ring that is to be collapsed. And then using the same method as opening/closing the product, to move to the desired height level.

From their user research, they found that for the majority of people and occasions, it’s not often that above Venti / 600ml / 20 oz is needed. Hence they aimed and designed for that.

Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

It was important to them from the start of development, that they needed to ‘defeat the sleeve’. They are a hassle to assemble and potentially lose. Do not offer much in terms of cooling for holding (little/no air gap).

They also limit the area that you can hold the product, usually to about 4cm/1.5 inches. And from their experience of ergonomics, not many people have palms that are 4 cm /1.5 inches long.

Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

To make sure that hug is much better to open/close than a typical disposable mug. The main point of interaction is the mouthpiece.

And so intuitive ergonomic curves accommodate a thumb/finger in the two motions of both opening and closing. This sleek and chic design solution maximizes the grip area and makes for a superior user experience.

Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

It is double-wall insulated, keeping your drinks hot for up to four times longer than other collapsible mugs. Beyond just creating a great product, they felt it was important to commit to a number of complementary environmental causes, and so for each product made, they will offset 10 times the amount of co2 used for production and shipment, prevent 10 times the amount of plastic used from reaching the oceans, and plant a tree. Basically, all-around climate positivity.

They’re excited to get this game-changing product into production and into your hands.

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