A Hands-Free Multi-Dog Leash Designed with Shock Absorption and Swag

The Hundur Team came together out of genuine love for pets and a desire to design the best for all of our little best friends.  They believe that every pet deserves a product made with the same care and attention we give our own pets. Meet Hundur leash and help them to bring this project to life. Make your walk with your dog a more enjoyable experience.


No more carrying multiple handles with tangled leashes.

They simply love dogs and can’t get enough of them! But who loves getting all their leashes and handles tangled up all the time. Hundur lets you attach up to 5 leashes to a single handle. In other words, making leading all of your furry friends a walk in the park.

Never worry about your wrist or your dogs again.


Even if you are walking, two, three, or even five, Hundur Handle will be able to gently pulls your furry friends back from any sudden leaps. The hardness of the rubber is chosen to optimize both the durability and maximize the shock-absorbing property while feeling good in your hand.

Their Hundur leash is even designed to be used hands-free… freeing you up to stay connected and do more.

Hundur leash is customizable!


Mix and match handle and leash colors and get the perfect, Insta-ready accessory for you and your pawed pal!

Add to the comfort of your walk by putting your walk essentials in one place! Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience, and never a hassle.

  • This is truly the next step for Multi-Leading Dog Leash.
  • Meet their First Collections: Midsummer Sky
  • 3 colors for 3 continents; North America, Europe, and Asia.

The pandemic forced people to cancel a lot of their trips. They wish that you will be able to freely walk with your dogs and go on an adventure with them again. That is why they based their first collection on places around the world.


If you are tired of exploring Earth, how about their Limited Kickstarter-Only Leash that will make your furry friends feel like they’re out on space. They even bet that when Elon sees your dog sporting this look, he would approve and take them to Mars with him. Match this leash with any of the handle colors that you like.

The Hundur Box is an adoring gift for your pooches or human friends.


Each Box comes with one Hundur Leash Set plus any additional handles or leashes you purchase. The Box also comes with cute collectible stickers that you can write your personal messages if you get them as a gift.

A true friend leaves pawprints on our hearts.

Hundur is driven by the belief that your pet is a part of your family and community. They share all the memories with you. All the crazy jumps when you’re excited, the alien languages when you’re happy, or the night cry with them by your side.


That is why they carry those thoughts into the products they make. All their pet products are made through an extensive design process to match the same attention and care they give to their pets. They have designed and tested each part of the leash themselves with utmost care. So that all pet lovers around the world will receive the best product in their hands.


They want to create products that will fulfill all the roles in any environment: from fashion walk on urban streets to going on outdoor adventures with your pet. To have good functionality while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Let’s make all the pets WAG WITH SWAG together.

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