HUNT 4.0
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HUNT 4.0 | Fire, Light & Tool in One

HUNT 4.0

Hello backers!

Look who’s back, with their 7th project!

Septem is really productive team!

This product combines their geeky nature with the need to create items that you can include in everyday life. Its powerful name says it all – HUNT 4.0!

This one would fit perfectly in my car’s glove compartment…

style HUNT 4.0

Unique, a multi-functional device with bare necessities: fire and light!

The HUNT 4.0 is a portable, pocket-sized tool. Today, that is a demand that most people have.

arm twisting

Equipped with a multi-function pry-bar, refillable lighter, and also a flashlight. (Rechargeable!)
Created for survivalists type! But, in general, people who like going on adventures outside.
If you seek a straightforward, dazzling multi-use EDC tool, HUNT 4.0 is for you! It’s always there when you require it and works at its best.

multipurpose HUNT 4.0

The refillable lighter has an effective flame

But most important, strong. They wanted to make a fire-starter that lasts forever. But, what do most people want? It has to be classic!
Tough HUNT 4.0 ‘s sdesign and uncompromised performance bring aid to your modern living. It is small but powerful, functioning just like a Zippo! Simply thumb the wheel and you’ll get a fiery fire in a second!

filling with gas

Effective and also sleek yet it has an elegant sturdy design. LED flashlight is simple but effective! In addition, is very lightweight. The IPX-7 water-resistant works well in warm or colder temperatures. Meaning, you can take it camping, trekking, fishing… Or maybe for a dog walk?


LED light

The flashlight on HUNT 4.0 is created with two lighting modes. It brings a high-powered CREE emitter in a titanium body. Powered by a 10180 Li-ion rechargeable battery that will last roughly 1.5 hours at maximum illumination.

LED flashlight

Or, spare the brightness to 20 lumens for 7 hrs of continuous usage. Durin tryout period it is shown that their flashlight is basically indestructible. It’s certainly a LIFETIME use body!
Recharging is simple, just unscrew the head of the headlight and connect it right into your USB.

usb charging HUNT 4.0

HUNT 4.0 enables you to do everyday jobs

Usually, when in need, the situation makes you search at the bottom of your toolbox! Frustrating, isn’t it? Whether you intend to get rid of the requirement for lugging a full-size device, or you simply want to maintain a low pocket, HUNT 4.0 has you covered.

14 tools in 1

Got a loose screw and the only sharp object to fix it is a knife? Well, HUNT 4.0 has s small pry-bar to make fast fixes.
Do you want to make your day easier and more practical?
Use HUNT 4.0, made from Grade 5 Titanium!

grade 5 titanium

Always There, Never In The Way

HUNT4.0 is designed to make your life easier.

different operations

This is an essential keyring tool. It’s always there for you when you require it. But also, it will not get in the way when you don’t.
Two options for your preferences: stonewashed or polished. Because you know what fits the best for your outdoor style!

About the Team


Septem is a small London team of similar-minded innovators. They are passionate about cool and also awesome concepts. As well as bringing them to life! Inspiring others and also promoting an exploration mindset. Designing is their interest, passion, hobby, and also their work!

HUNT 4.0

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