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HydroX | Utimate shower experience


What does “X” in Hydro stand for?

Lifestyle picture Hydro X

The X means numerous running settings HydroX can offer. The “X” means Spa, Spiral, and also Saver. You can simply transform the type of shower experience by tilting the head in 1 out of the 3 possible modes.

3 options for the best sower experience with HYDROX!

Spiral Spa Saver

The fast-flowing, high-pressure booted narrow stream of water in this mode is excellent for you to wash shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. It massages your scalp as well.

Droplets: Small|Stream: Narrow|Flow: Fast

design of Hydro X

The water stream, flow, and also dimensions are optimized to provide one of the most gentle experiences. Utilize it to wash off dirt as well as soap from your face without those prickly sensations.

Droplets: Small|Stream: Wide|Flow: Soft


This setting is fantastic for the general shower. The settings are efficiently engineered to reduce water usage by as much as 20% from regular showerheads.

Droplets: Heavy|Stream: Wide|Flow: Slow

Intuitive Controls

HydroX was designed to maintain the controls as easily as possible. The attributes are revealed below and are with ease built-in in the design. They want you to appreciate the shower experience without needing to adjust unneeded bells and whistles.

Advanced Filters

Design HydroX

Every HydroX includes a two-layered filtration system. The water will initially travel right into specially designed Polypropylene Cotton Fibres. This will eliminate little pollutants such as dirt, metal, as well as dust bits. Even as little as 1 micron in size. The 2nd layer will eliminate chlorine from the water through Calcium Sulfite beads.

Basic Upkeep

HydroX in bathroom use

Cleansing the filter as well as the showerhead is exceptionally simple! You can wash the filter simply, with tap water. The showerhead can be cleaned by getting the cover off and giving a good scrub. They recommend that you do this once every 6 months if you are in larger cities like London & New York. For smaller population locations such as Norway, New Zealand, Canada, you can do without upkeep for up to a year! You can eliminate the filter from HydroX if you do not need it.

HydroX and marble background

Basic Installment

Installing HyrdoX takes less than a minute. Twist out the old showerhead and twist in the new Hyrdo X. You are ready to use it!

Water Saver

Quick stop button

Hydro X to reduce water consumption? A normal American family of 4 uses 300 gallons of water each day. Typical Americans will spend approximately $71 monthly on their water expense. 20% of that is just for the shower. HydroX saves between $8 to $11 from your water bill. That’s somewhere around $130 a year.

Flow control

Not just do you save money, you also contribute to saving the Earth. You will be able to decrease approximately 150 gallons of water per year. That’s virtually sufficient to fill 4 bathtubs! Imagine how much is that when you multiply it with countless households!

Trio water stream

Hydrox comes in two-option colors:

  • Polished Silver
  • Space Grey
hydro X and plant

Concearning Asap Design

They are a product design studio based in Hong Kong since 2013. Their passion is making improvements to everyday products. Both in terms of design and also the functionality. It is because of their clear vision and philosophy to commercial and item style, they are being relied on by large brand names. Partners, as well as clienteles, work with them on their projects.


They are an extremely experienced group. Item developers, industrial designers, engineers… Manufacturing, as well as supply chain, operate in synergy to deliver terrific items successfully. Their emphasis is on electronics, furniture, and home appliances.

At ASAP Design, they make valuable products with wonderful design, and most significantly – all in your favor!

The Concept Behind HydroX

One of our close friends came to be a dad just recently. Like most new fathers, he wanted to take turns providing his newborn a bath and also a shower.

HydroX white background

His expensive shower head had an option to readjust the water pressure. While bathing his baby, he lowered the water pressure down by turning the built-in dial.

Something as basic as bathing currently comes to be an adventure. He barely took anything seriously! To see him bathing his infant during our normal house visit was an amazing show to witness.

HydroX black background

They noticed that he struggles to change the water pressure on the fly. One hand was holding the baby, while the other was holding the extendable showerhead. He asked one of them to assist him to readjust the water flow, as he required both hands to do it. It took them several attempts to readjust the pressure soft enough for the child. It wasn’t easy as the dial was slippery.

HydroX 2 styles

So as a present, they decided to make something for him. Something easier for their friend to shower his newborn. Something a lot more intuitive, simpler to adjust, and also soft to wash his baby. That’s when they went on this journey to develop HydroX. They know that other people have a similar with it. They wanted to upgrade the shower experience, well, it’s one of those things we use every day. Why wouldn’t it be easier?


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