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HypeBody Razor | Experience The Perfect Shave

HypeBody Razor — Precise & Intuitive Shave. Built for Smoothness & Less Irritation. Milled from Aerospace-Grade Aluminum for More Durability

The best things are done with care and accuracy. Have the best cut on earth with HypeBody Razor.

You may think that a safety razor looks like something your grandfather would use, yet they’re reasonably still around. A single blade is extra reliable and sharper than any of the other 3- or 5-blade shaving systems today! Yet the Hype Body team took it one step further and redefined the common use, providing the Perfect Shave.

HypeBody Razor

You’ve never seen a razor fairly like this before. HypeBody has actually reimagined the vintage safety razor and restored it from scratch.

They’re not just talking about shaving with a single-blade razor – they’re talking about a precision-engineered, ergonomic shaving device constructed from top-quality aerospace-grade aluminum. A remarkable shaving experience that ensures your skin will be smooth as silk and irritation-free every single time.

In 1940, Ferrari changed the globe of transportation – transforming something utilitarian and mass-produced right into a lavish one-of-a-kind experience. The low vibration of the V12 engine. The soft feeling of the steering wheel’s supple leather.

80 years later, HypeBody takes that same attention to detail and accuracy design and brings it closer than you’ve ever felt before.

Its precision-milled aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum is capable of standing Ferrari’s g-force turns. Its magnetic quick-switch shave settings, similar to the precision paddle-shift transmission. All integrated for the ultimate shaving experience.

The blade is set flush on your skin leaving you with exactly what you desire – a cut that’s as Smooth as Silk.

It requires time, it’s a craft, however, this is the only Razor that won’t waste your time.

The HypeBody Razor will prevent ingrown hairs, irritability, and discomfort.

HypeBody Razor

While other three or four-bladed razors struggle with bulk developing between blades as they’re dragged across your face (taking layers of skin with it), their single edge offers a barber’s accuracy shave, sliding across your skin without dragging and pulling hair.

It’s not necessary to touch the blades. You can use their intuitive blade magazine to conveniently and quickly slide a new blade in. At the same time pushing the old one out. Get your injector blades as add-ons throughout the campaign. And after the project ends on their website, or from any other brand.

Forget the clogged blades. HypeBody Razor has a sleek and smooth design.

It enables fast cleaning with the simple and easy removal of its heads. Easily clean via the areas in between the body and razor. In other words, maintaining it free from microbial development is common with cartridge razors.

HypeBody Razor

Big business shaving companies cannot negate the benefits of safety razors. But they are pointing out the safety concerns regarding their usage.

Their user-friendly design permits all users to choose which head functions best for their hair and skin, leaving you with complete control over the results of your cut. Something that cartridge razors can not offer.

HypeBody has 3 setups – Sensitive, Comfort, and Ultra Close.

You have a lot more control than ever before to change blade direct exposure (the gap between the blade and the safety guard) to obtain the appropriate shave your face needs.

HypeBody Razor

Hypebody is created to permit you to customize your cut in a very easy, user-friendly, and reliable way with uncomplicated head switching. Simply snap the head out with a straightforward press from the razor body and snap in the replacement head. No unnecessary screws that require additional steps to remove and set up different heads.

Hypebody not just is user-friendly. It will also offer you the cleanest cut because you can continuously change to a sharper blade (as you would with cartridges) after a couple of uses with American Line blades only costing about 25-40 cents each!

Single blade shaving can be daunting for beginners. Compared to other straight-side electric shavers, HypeBody brings an acquainted touch with its lightweight feel, making for an easy change.

Straight edge razors that take hours of practice, as well as unintentional cuts and nicks. But the weight and feel of HypeBody rest perfectly in your hand. This makes the transition between the cartridge razor and HypeBody a seamless experience.

HypeBody Razor

The moment you open your Hypebody box, you will know that this is no common razor. The ergonomic style of the razor, not just supplies streamlined and one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeals, but also enables a stronger grasp. The two-arm, aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum construct rises itself from the competitors by offering excellent control with a large grasp. This wide hold allows you to regulate the razor with a higher balance, staying clear of unneeded pressure near the head. Which may lead to cutting under the surface area of the skin.

It’s all about the angles

Merely put the front face of the HypeBody razor against your skin and allow it to glide. The blade angle keeps an optimum 30-degree angle, causing a seamless transition and a smoother shave.

Hypebody is made from top-quality aerospace-grade aluminum that supplies high stamina to weight proportion, ductility, and rust resistance.

But to take it a step further, they’ve strengthened the aluminum with an anodization process which includes a hard, wear-resistant layer that effectively safeguards the underlying aluminum.

HypeBody Razor

They think that a premium cut should be something that is accessible for everyone. This is why they’ve particularly developed HypeBody with 2 variations; making certain that users can experience the quality of a premium razor with options that satisfy the demands of various customers.

Meet The 2 Razors:

The ME1 – The standard model in the premium HypeBody line. The mechanical version offers both precision and instinctive design which offers provides quality shaves and an exceptional experience.

It has a light and balanced feel with its solid aerospace-grade aluminum body with the safety, and precision developed within its nylon shaving heads.

HypeBody Razor

The nylon head boosts dimensional accuracy as well as fine detail for optimal performance. What this indicates for you, is that the cut settings fit perfectly well with the aluminum razor body to provide the excellent cut you need. The nylon head likewise is extremely durable, is crack and abrasion-resistant, and also has outstanding chemical resistance to oils, greases, salts, and water.

The X1 – the pinnacle standard of a premium single-blade razor. They call this the generational razor as a result of its attention to detail and construction which will last for generations ahead.

HypeBody Razor

Motivated by the streamlined exterior and precise engineering of Italian Ferraris, the full aerospace-grade aluminum body and head make sure it really feels just right in your hand. The X1 switches the aluminum cutting head with a premium magnetic alternative.

Quickly replace the blades and change the cut setups thanks to the fine-tuned magnetic toughness that provides the maximum hold between the shave setting and the razor body. The magnetic stamina not only provides the perfect adaptability while changing a brand-new blade yet also allows the user to just push out the shave setting and replace it with a wanted shave setting head.

This isn’t your Razor, it’s your grandkids’

HypeBody Razor

The Hypebody’s X1 Razor is totally grated from premium aerospace-grade aluminum that’s developed to last, to create a tradition, and to be passed on to the future generation. Rituals must be valued, and this razor will be there to guide future generations.

If X1’s durable aluminum body falters at some point throughout your families’ lineage, the Hypebody family will be there to replace the damage.

HypeBody can be found in 5 distinct colors in a matte finish to fit your style and demands.

It’s your life, it’s your shave, it’s your HypeBody.

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