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They are here again! This is their new product, only a smaller one. The HyperCube Nano is an ultra-chromatic, hyper-luminous infinity mirror art item.

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It will certainly carry you to a completely new dimension. Like the previous ones, it is crafted from the best materials. Scratch-proof infinity mirrors on HyperCube infinity cube are strong as well as timeless.

HyperCube nano caleidoscope

The HyperCube Nano is their newest model of ultra-chromatic art with:

atributes of hypercbe nano
  • USB-C powered for maximum portability
  • Measurements: 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″ (14 x 14 x 14 centimeters).
  • 132 High-density LEDs – numerous reflections.
  • Scratchproof: highly scratch-resistant acrylic hyper-mirrors.
  • Syncable with all previous HyperTech.
  • Application controlled using the HyperSpace App.
  • Sound reactive: bring your music to life.
  • Backed by our 1-Year guarantee.
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What’s new is the dimensions. With 5.5″ on each side, the HyperCube Nano is smaller.

At the same time budget-friendlier! Maybe you don’t need as big as the previous ones? Smaller doesn’t mean less quality. Density LEDs and all the same attributes are just put in a smaller space.

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Every min, the HyperCube automatically cycles with new patterns. It’s the kaleidoscope of light as well as the color that is designed to mesmerize! 

Each pattern is custom-crafted. That way highlights the proportion of the dice. It’s a most beautiful transformation of math right into the light. Well, this is a special kind of art as well as expression.

The space inside the dice prolongs into infinity. Lose yourself in hyperspace!

hyprcube nano and pc

Harmonic, symphonic, electronic. With that visual experience, you’ll get lost in your music. Feel like never before with over 30 original sound responsive patterns. They are particularly developed to work with any kind of music that exists.

These patterns, with a help of a microphone, detect music lows, mids, as well as highs. That way create a limitless ultra-responsive audio-visual variety. Do not just take their word for it. Take a look at the video clips! A wide range of options include: 

features of hypercube nano
  • Plug right into your computer
  • With a standard cellphone battery, take it “to go”
  • With a phone charger link it directly to the outlet.
  • Select modes and also patterns, and custom colors, and adjust brightness, speed, strength, and balance.
hypercube nano app

All that with the click of a button. At the same time saves your preferred faves to personalize your experience. Make any pattern audio responsive! Just by syncing the brightness to the beat.

In addition, they’re working on upgraded technology to make the Nano completely wireless.

light of hypercube nan

HyperCubes are out of this world, yet do not simply take their word for it! They have actually delivered almost 4000 of their bigger models. Their customers were amazed at these products, and the number of buyers shows it the best!

„It’s difficult to describe all the steps that went into the process of building a business and a manufactured product, so for now I’ll just tell the story of one component: the frame. We started with the basics, creating CAD models and 3D printing our first proto designs. At the same time we met a manufacturing partner, Gavin, who could help with sourcing many of the components and with the final assembly. How fortuitous, we thought! There’s so much to be done and we could really use some help. After discussion together, we decided to try a different route with the design using all extruded parts and foregoing expensive and time-consuming injection molding of the frame.”

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