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HyperDrum | Portable Virtual Drum Kit

Improvise freely anytime & anywhere with powerful sound and dynamic rhythm.

Press the button, put your earphones on and you’re ready to drum. No complicated directions or any hidden fees, HyperDrum is a pure, powerful drumming experience so you can improvise freely anytime and anywhere. Listen to your inner rhythms or follow your favorite songs and jam your dream beats with ease!


No matter if you’re a novice, beginner, or pro player, you can get started with HyperDrum and play right away. Inspired by Roland e-kits, HyperDrum has the same drum component layout and position as the physical e-kit.

Unlike conventional bulky and expensive drum kits, HyperDrum is ultra-lightweight and portable at a fraction of the price. You can easily take HyperDrum with you in your hands, pockets, or in your backpack. Fast draw your sticks and dive into the ultimate immersive drumming environment right away when the inspiration hits you.


With the proprietary Sensing Algorithm, HyperDrum perfectly follows your position and movements to ensure high accuracy with every strike you hit in the air.

No special adjustments are needed and you don’t have to keep the power button held up. Drum and perform freely in your own way!

P.S. Other virtual drumsticks require drummers to hold drumsticks with extra attention to make sure the power button is always placed up otherwise you won’t be able to drum. HyperDrum eliminates this hassle and lets you drum and perform freely in your own style without extra adjustments.


HyperDrum is perfect for your ultimate music performance. Ultra-Low latency largely reduces delay and produces incredibly life-like ultra-high quality, synchronized sound so you never miss a beat.

HyperDrum elevates your drumming experience to the next level.

You will be creating diverse dynamic rhythms and smoothly freestyling on your own in minutes with the help of music production software through MIDI. Create with no limits. With HyperDrum, you can do this!


Set your left-foot console to bass drum through the function key and enjoy double bass drumming, HyperDrum will take your playing to the next stage and allows you to create new dimensions of drum beats.

Whether you are sitting on the couch and getting some practice in or leading the beat at a party. HyperDrum sets the mood and stands out in any space. From home to office, studio to street, play alone or together and always have a blast!


Additionally, connect your Drum Console via Bluetooth, and play your favorite music through your phone, you will enjoy the perfect mix of music and drum sound right off the bat.

Moreover, with unrivaled beast power and pure minimalist elegance, HyperDrum breaks through all obstacles and takes your drumming experience to the next level. Move more fluently and feel the real beats like never before. Classy look, premium touch, game-changing functions – it’s a musical masterpiece on the go.


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