HyperJuice | 245 W USB-C Battery Pack & GaN Charger


HyperJuice – Being just the size of a credit card

HyperJuice is the globe’s initial 100W Gallium Nitride charger. It’s the world’s tiniest 100W charger that is 50% smaller than typical chargers!

HyperJuice pocket size

With not one yet 4 high-power charging ports!

With 100W, there is lots of power to share around with 2 x USB-C (sustaining Power Delivery 3.0) and also 2 x USB-A (supporting Quick Charge 3.0) ports. You are able to charge 4 devices at the same time. Just, WOW!

Battery charging,

One charger needed for all your Apple charging needs?

100W power gives you the possibility to fast charge a laptop (MacBook Pro), a tablet (iPad Pro), smartphone (Apple iPhone), and mobile devices (AirPods, Watch, etc.). All at the same time!

HyperJuice 4 devices connected

With 100W Dual USB-C Power Distribution, a single HyperJuice charger can power 2 laptops (two 15″ MacBook Pro) at the same time.

Pocket-friendly yet with great power

Uses up the very same space as a mobile phone that you want to charge.

So you can put HyperJuice in any pocket as well as bring it anyplace you go.

More powerfull than others

Integrated foldable wall plugs (no bulky power cables).

So, there’s no need to mess with a cumbersome power cable, that can be larger than the charge itself.

Travel-friendly pin converters that operate in any country.

HyperJuice can support charging up to 4 Apple devices

UK, EU, AU pin converters will be included.

HyperJuice supports globally universal 100-240V voltage as well as features UK/EU/AU pin converters to ensure that it can be used in the whole world.

Powered by the newest Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology

HyperJuice uses the industry-leading Navitas GaNFast NV6117 Power IC to miniaturize components. They are usually found in traditional chargers.

Display of HyperJuice and ports

The brand-new Gallium Nitride semiconductor material permits power devices that can operate at bigger voltages.  It also converts frequency, which results in the smaller and reliable charger

Sophisticated Design

HYPER has spent nearly a year developing the circuit design and firmware. This fully utilizes the use of the Navitas GaNFast NV6117 Power IC to bring the HyperJuice charger to fruition.

HyperJuice design

 Their intention was to make the tiniest 100W battery charger ever! The circuit board and components are laid out in one of the most compact and space-efficient ways. The dense circuit card is bordered by high-density thin heat sinks to help in heat dissipation. The whole bundle is then wrapped in a minimalist fireproof polycarbonate enclosure. That completes the most efficient design.

Industry-Beating Low-Temperature Operation

With many electronics densely fitted in a small area of HyperJuice, there is a valid problem regarding heat generation. 

Battery capacity, output

The temperature level was measured throughout 30 factors of the HyperJuice charger. It was measured while it was charging the 15″ MacBook Pro from 0% to 100% battery degree. The internal components’ temperature level did not surpass 90ºC while the exterior housing temperature did not go beyond 60ºC, beating industry standards of 130ºC and 65ºC.

HyperJuic Carging 4 devices

HyperJuice generates a smaller heat level than other chargers since it is extremely efficient. It achieves 95% of efficiency (contrasted to Apple/Anker chargers with 91% ). With an input power of 106.4 W, HyperJuice is able to outcome 100.72 W (20.149 * 4.999). 100.72 W/106.4 W = 95%.

HyperJuice Power disdtribution

The power meter reveals that HyperJuice 100W GaN Charger is supplying 19.72 V x 5.07 A = 99.98 W of power to HyperJuice USB-C Battery Pack.

50% smaller than all other similar power chargers

With even more power, ports, features, as well as efficiency.

4 devices conected

When a MacBook Pro is plugged into the 240V powerpoint using the 96W power adaptor, the battery is bypassed. The unit is powered straight using the incoming power. If the MacBook Pro is connected to the HyperJuice, the very same thing occurs where the inner battery is bypassed. The power of the HyperJuice is used. If the device runs in this way, the HyperJuice will certainly give roughly 1-2 hours of power if the MacBook Pro is operating at a high-performance level.

Logo of Hyper

The best way to get optimal battery life out of a MacBook Pro, as well as a Hyperjuice, is to run the battery down in the MacBook Pro. After that, connect the HyperJuice to re-charge the battery while the MacBook Pro is not being used.


  • Product Dimensions: 85.3 x 60.8 x 28.9mm / 3.36″ x 2.39″ x 1.14″
  •  Product Weight: 208g / 7.34oz / 0.46 lb
  •  Power Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 2.4A
  •  Max Power Output: 100W
  •  Ports: 2 x USB-C and 2 x USB-A
  •  USB-C1: 100W Power Delivery 3.0, 5~15V/3A, 20V/5A

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