ICEGONE | Defrost food in a most natural, fast & healthy way

Most advanced defrosting tray. A last-minute dinner lifesaver that thaws food much faster while keeping the true flavors of food.

ICEGONE is a thawing plate that can defrost frozen food 8x faster than room temperature, getting your meats from frozen to cooking-ready in just 10~20 minutes. It requires no electricity and helps all portions of food to thaw quickly and safely, helping you cook meat better, faster. While the microwave or warm water smash vital flavors and vitamins of your food, ICEGONE is able to keep all the original flavors and freshness of your food with a natural defrosting process.


ICEGONE could defrost food quickly within minutes.

Compared to other brands in the market, the thawing speed of ICEGONE is even faster owing to its premium aluminum material and deep draining channel. Depending on the thickness of the food, you may need 10-30 minutes to melt down the ice. It is perfect for defrosting steak, fish, chicken breast, burger patties, pork chops, and more. Got a luxurious surf and turf to prepare? Need to deal with a really large piece of meat? Why not try 2x ICEGONE together?


Rest two pieces on separate ICEGONE, or place the entire chunk on 2x ICEGONE put together, and have them fast defrosted simultaneously. So, you can cut your cooking time in half. When using conventional defrosting methods, the food being defrosted has been processed before you actually start cooking. That is potentially harmful to your health. ICEGONE has the unique ability to maintain the original flavor and texture of the meat while defrosting at extraordinary speeds. 

Crafted of super-efficient aluminum alloy, it is able to warm and defrost your meat quickly and evenly. 


In addition, along with heat fins below and internal thermal liquid, it allows for more airflow and speeds up the heat exchange between the frozen food and the temperature of the room.

Except for melting down the ice, it also features an excellent ability to draw away heat. The aluminum material will absorb the heat in a short time to cool down your fresh food out of the oven.


ICEGONE is premium aluminum with a non-stick surface. It is effortless to use and easy to clean.

The material used for ICEGONE doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, which means it’s dishwasher safe.

Measuring 13.6”x8.5”x0.4’’ and weighing at 34oz, ICEGONE is fairly slim and flat. So you can easily find a spot for it in your cabinet or dish drying rack.


Strength enhances people’s lives through thoughtful design and brilliant innovation. They want to empower people’s potential to do things more impressively or easily in their own kitchen. We utilize advanced materials and components from industries to create unique, never-before-seen kitchenware solutions.

The coating of ICEGONE is safe to be used in contact with food, and as the food-contact surface in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food.

The defrosting time depends on the food’s texture, thickness, and room temperature. It is highly recommended to flip over the food during defrosting to achieve faster and more even thawing.


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