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Illumi-key | Bluetooth LED Smart Key

Illumi-key Bluetooth LED Smart Key

The New Age Smart Key – Autonomously interacts with you, whenever you need it!

Illumi-key is the World’s First Bluetooth LED Smart Key Tracker, designed autonomously to interact with you, where ever you go!

Bluetooth LED Smart Key

Operating together with its free-to-download Mobile App, users can set & save virtual location points, via GPS or Wi-Fi, where ever they like their devices to operate!

This One-Of-A-Kind Smart Key can trigger a self-illumination or sound alert(optional) feature when user enters or exit any saved locations (e.g. home or office). Visual/auditory features of the smart key allows users to immediately identify the correct key for your assigned lock!

Bluetooth LED Smart Key

Say goodbye to those oblivious & embarrassing moments of trying to find that RIGHT key, when you need it most! Whether your smart key is hidden in the pit-bottom of your purse or jacket pocket; you can count on Illumi-key to better assist you in both visibility & accessibility to any of your secured locations.

Illumi-key Bluetooth LED smart key will make your life easier.

Bluetooth LED Smart Key

Especially when arriving home at night and struggling to find a key, this smart little thing will do the work!

Even if you can’t see your keys or lock well, this LED key lights up so you know exactly where to put it. Moreover, its technology autonomously interacts with you via LED illumination or sound notifications. So this gadget is useful wherever and whenever you need it.

Bluetooth LED Smart Key

Use the connected app, which collects your location data, to retain information about your last saved locations—even when the app is closed. This way, it can actually light up when you arrive home! Beyond this convenience, it also helps you avoid losing your keys. That’s because you can use the app to find your lost keys and gadgets. Vice versa, you can use your key to find your phone. Smaller than traditional finders, it reduces the bulk in your pocket or bag.

Schematics Design & 3D Overview

Bluetooth LED Smart Key
Illumi-key | Bluetooth LED Smart Key


  • METAL Keyblade KEYWAY- Available for locks KW1 Kwikset & SC1 Schlage
  • Battery: CR2032 (REPLACEABLE)
  • Screw Type: M1 screwdriver

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