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iMicro Q2p | Polarizing Fingertip Microscope

iMicro Q2p
iMicro Q2p

What is Fingertip Microscope iMicro Q2p?

Since Antony van Leeuwenhoek’s invention of the microscope in the 17th century, microscopic technology innovation has proceeded greatly. Usually, exceptional performance microscopes are bulky and heavy. Not to mention expensive – even portable ones! With years of effort, QingYing E&T LLC presented in 2018 the fingertip microscopic lense iMicro Q2p. It was an actual breakthrough in mobile microscopy. 

It has a similar optical performance to a professional microscope. Given that, enables you to lug it with you as easily as you bring your phone! In addition to the iMicro Q2p’s superb optical efficiency and also transportability, they launched iMicro Q2. In 2020 they brought enhanced compatibility options. That way it can work with any type of smartphone device.

Polarized light on iMicro Q2p

This is a contrast-enhancing technique. It boosts the quality of the picture obtained with birefringent materials. Such as crystals, minerals…The polarizing microscopic lens is developed to observe and picture specimens. It is primarily because of its optically anisotropic character. Normally, a polarized light microscope is far more expensive! As well as only available for specialists. Now, with iMicro Q2p, you get the feature of typical biology microscopic lens. But, they bring you this in a small Fingertip Microscope. Yet, with the superb polarizing function!

crystals zoomed in

iMicro Q2p – Highlights

  • The first smartphone polarizing microscope
  • Improved focusing control with the focusing stand
  • Extremely high magnification power: approximately 800x
  • Really high-resolution power: To 1 micron
  • Really reduced distortion: Equivalent to a desktop computer microscope
  • Shallow account and also weight: 1/2 inch and also ~ 1/60 oz
  • Very simple to bring: suit wallet like a card
  •  Small expense: ~ 1% of the price of a desktop microscope
  • Compatible with any kind of mobile phone
  • Key features of iMicro Q2p
  • The first smartphone polarizing microscopic lense
  • Improved focus control with the focusing stand
  • It works effectively and is also easy to use.
  • Very high magnification: as much as 800x

It has the same high zoom as iMicro Q as well as Q2.  If you do not have a microscopic lense, you

Really high resolution

better visibility with iMicro Q2p

Resolution is more crucial than magnifying. That is the most important microscope performance. The USAF 1951 resolution test graph was used to examine the resolution of iMicro Q2p. It was done on an Apple iPhone 11. The intervals in between the finest test bars are 2.19 micrometers.

Low distortion

They utilized a grid calibration target to examine the distortion. Even completely view at the edge of the visual field, there was no visible distortion.

Incredibly low profile

Surprisingly, it’s the dimension of a fingertip! Its weight is just 0.5 g (~ 1/60 oz)! Also, it’s very thin, only 3.2 mm (1/8 inch). No parts extrude over the edge of your phone when it is installed. Also, the stand hasn’t increased the profile regarding the whole pack. Still in the card size!


They are extremely proud of the Fingertip Microscopic lens. Their wish is for everyone to be able to afford it. With a polarizing function, it is still affordable. With the investment you would need to purchase a traditional microscope, you can purchase many Fingertip Microscopes. Given that info, this is a great choice for children and students!

Works with any smartphone

As iMicro Q2 lens as well as iMicro C lens, they create iMicro Q2p in a small rounded style. Making it fit any phone with a camera. They will certainly be coupled to your smart device by an ingenious, re-useable, nano-suction pad. Whether your phone has a single back cam or multiple back cameras. Also, a flat video camera(s), or squeezed out video camera(s), these little round lenses will certainly fit perfectly.

The magnification

The magnification relies upon its complex optical system for conventional substance microscopic lenses. Also, includes objective and eyepiece. Its total magnification is a combination of the zoom of objective and also eyepiece.

For their fingertip microscope, three stages of magnifying are integrated. To attain the total magnification you need:

  • first, the lens provides optical magnifying to create the photo on the mobile phone video camera’s sensing unit;
  • second, the image on the sensor is shown on the much bigger display via the electronic process as well as magnifying;
  • third, electronic zoom gives further magnification as an digital magnifying to the image.

The complete zoom is a mix of these three.

The conventional polarizing microscope has an intricate structure. Two polarizers are added before and after specimens. For iMicro Q2p, they simulate this polarizing framework. Yet maintain it in a small profile.

The lens is an essential part of the system. A tiny round lens (van Leeuwenhoek) is a simple approach. A common struggle is with a very restricted useful field of vision. Often there are area curvatures, spherical and other aberrations present. The iMicro Q2p utilizes a more complicated multi-aspherical lens design. As well as incorporates polarizers to achieve high zoom efficiency. The polarizing function reduces aberration.

Cutting-edge illumination: Reflection/transmission lighting with polarizer

In iMicro Q2p, they incorporated new reflection/polarizing/transmission lights. The thin case is not just used for packages. It is also there to secure the product. Conveniently, you can use it as a light-reflective illuminating box. The light from the flashlight and ambient light goes to the bottom of the lighting box. Also is mirrored from the slim PP case’s surface. Giving you the ability to light up the sample after being polarized.

Nano-suction pad attachment

Unlike standard sticky, the nano suction pad imitates gecko’s footpads. It has hundreds of mini air pockets! They function like micro-suction mugs to hold the device to the phone.

Every on and off application will leave nothing on the phone. This recently created “nano suction pad” is residue-free, non-tacky, and repeatable. The use of a nano suction pad has actually been confirmed in their previous product. It is repeatable and also easily cleaned. Simply by a PSA tape (such as Scotch tape).

Easy focus with stand

You will certainly like this focusing stand! it works great yet keeps a low profile. It is made of engineering plastic (PMMA, acrylic material). That material is very durable. It is straightforward and simple to use. After utilizing it, you can disassemble it. After that save it in the thin PP case.

A premium μRuler M (stage micrometer)

It will be supplied with iMicro Q2p to calibrate the scale bar in our Application i-Seeing. In addition, enables you to measure size precisely. iMicro Q2p deals with any kind of camera App which can manage the flashlight. When shooting it will give illumination with an additional torch. Sometimes, it is vital to have a scale bar and be sure of its accuracy on the micrograph. The i-Seeing App was developed to take micrographs to satisfy professional demand. The scale bar on the micrograph can be toggled on/off. That way allows you to embed a scale bar on the photo if called for.


It is incredibly portable, and also you don’t need complicated setups. You can quickly take images, use them for reporting, and also transfer photos to your associates. Plus, you can utilize it with any smartphone. It can be used in many professions where you require accurate photos. And also, accessible research photos in the field.

iMicro Q2p

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