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inCharge 6 | The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

All the cables you need in a tiny EDC keyring cable. The search for the perfect cable is over.

The best selling keyring cable in the world is back!

Introducing inCharge 6, a single everyday carry universal cable to charge literally all of your devices.

InCharge features both charge and sync, allowing you to quickly transfer your data from portable devices to computers.

It is designed to be very tough and affordable and it can charge any device from any power source.

inCharge 6 - The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

It is even possible to transfer power from a phone to another device. For example, you can basically steal your friend’s phone and use it to charge yours! (Available using USB-C phone as input) Just don’t get caught ?

Another cool feature is the convenience of inCharge 6 with the freedom of a very long cable. inCharge 6 Max provides you with 5ft (1.5m) of mobility. It will be the only cable you need for home and while traveling.

inCharge 6 - The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

Through this campaign, you can get inCharge 6 at its lowest price ever, with more than 60% discount on the retail price!

Most important features also include:

Metal housing – the zync-aluminum alloy that ensures components’ protection and stability over time. You couldn’t break it if you tried.

Cable guard – the TPU cable guard protects the cable from reaching its critical bending level, preventing damage to the copper wires.

Ultra lasting compound – 90 braided copper wires, protected by a TPU layer and covered with a Nylon reinforcement make inCharge 6 the strongest keyring cable ever built.

inCharge 6 - The Swiss Army Knife of Cables
  • N52 magnets are the highest-grade magnets possible.
  • Anti-slide System – designed to never lose your inCharge 6.
  • It comes in 3 colors: Mercury Grey, Moon White, and Saturn Gold.

The team of innovators behind this game-changing accessory is the Rolling Square based in Switzerland with their goal of redesigning daily life while giving extreme attention to top-quality and details.

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