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Infinity3d | Deformable 3D Belt Printer

Infinity 3D

Greetings to all those who live in a 3D world! By that, I mean 3D printing world! Recent years gave us possibilities that we could only dream of…

In the next few lines, I’m going to present you The Master of 3D printing. His name is Infinity3D.

Two Infinity3D printers-  bigger and smaller

You can instantly change in 45-degree also as 90-degree continuous printing

Infinity3D is a 3D belt printer that features a unique design, continuous printing, and stability. This is a large-size 3D printer! Both 45 °as well as 90° printing settings are truly designed for consistent printing in big amounts. It is a great product that leads the future.

3d producing green monster

Infinity3D supports 45 ° and also 90 ° printing. This fantastic 2-in-1 design makes Infinity3D innovative and exciting. Just quick-change Infinity3D to the desired mode, you will quickly get a special creative area to recognize various suggestions.

Printed objects on Infitiy 3D

The base of Infinity3D is a rolling conveyor belt

The conveyor belt slowly rolls during the printing process, which can recognize and apply the constant printing of batch models, in addition to the printing of an unlimited length model. With Infinity3D, you appear to have a little processing plant. The high-strength fiber woven conveyor belt enables the version to stick strongly and also will immediately peel off when the model is finished. This is crucial to realize batch printing without hands-on procedure in the whole procedure.

printing options

Require a bigger printing place? Infinity3D was created to print extra-large tasks that fit the size anywhere from 250 * 215 * ∞ mm in 45 ° setting and 250 * 220 * 323mm in 90 ° setting. The individuals can publish whatever they prefer on a really big creative range.

Printing on Infinity 3D

With a 3.5-inch full-color touch screen, you can supervise the status of printing, function display, parameter setup at a glance. Moreover, Infinity3D is compatible with U disk and you have the option of offline printing from SD card. So, everybody can start work in no time!

Display touchscreen

Filament disruption discovery as well as print resume function on Infinity3D

The photoelectric induction will timely remind if the filament runs out or breaks midway. In case of power off, Infinity3D will continue to print, so the process won’t be unfinished. This is something very important, especially if you have a due date for your project!

how Infinity3D works

Infinity3D combines with industrial linear guide rails and also TMC2209 motor drivers. Compared to low-end 3D printers with rollers as well as A4988 drivers, Infinity3D is more precise, has a longer life, delicate movements. Also, not to forget to mention: lower noise produced.


Effective and practical printing

They put extra effort into the slicing function and added continuous printing typesetting. It’s plug-in-based, on the Cura high-speed slicing engine. So, the operation is easy to use and it’s very simple. You can operate the printer with any previous knowledge in that area.

constantly printing

As senior 3D printer lovers, they are in trouble when printing 3D in bigger quantities. Because the present 3D printers can not print constantly, they had to purchase numerous 3D printers. Setting an alarm clock to remind themselves to get up at night, just to shovel the print model and begin a brand-new print, that’s horrible. This kind of work around the clock gave them headaches and bags under their eyes. So, based upon years of experience in 3D printers, they developed a 3D printer that can continuously print for 7 * 24hours = whole week!

Who are they?

Inifinity3D team of engineers

They are a group of young enthusiasts and are very innovative in 3D printing. To make 3D printing convenient for different industries, they made and also developed infinity. They think Infinity3D is the best item for education, medical care, architecture, business. Or simply, for people whose hobby is 3D printing!

Infinity 3D

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