Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster
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Injection machine | Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Manual injection machine – Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster with better quality than a 3D printer and eco-friendly.

This injection machine is really a thing! The fact that amazed me the most is that they are capable of providing you with ready-to-use parts in series rather than using a standard 3D printer. This is a much more efficient and faster way of doing it. So, make sure to support the campaign!

Now you can have your own factory at home. Use your free time, you can generate an extra income, identify a necessity develop something for that necessity, use their machine to manufacture it, and build a very lucrative business around plastic.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Injection machines vs 3D Printers

A 3D printer is mostly used to make prototypes. A manual plastic injection machine is made to make the parts in series. Don’t waste your money with failed 3D prints, expensive and delicate materials.

A lot of people have the idea that a 3D printer is autonomous, but it is not, you have to make the file and send it to the printer (for each piece or set), you have to take off the pieces once they are ready if they have supports you have to trim them, you have to change the filament, and there are some common issues, jams, gaps, everything is delicate. If nothing goes wrong for example at the end of the day, you will have 10 pieces… with their machines 10 pieces is a matter of minutes, the same time you spend on the setup. Don’t use your 3D printer to do parts in series this is a way better solution for that.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Their machines are more than 40 times faster on average than a traditional 3D printer. The materials on average for their machines are 25 times cheaper. With a bigger variety. Lower power consumption. Power consumption is almost the same, but with their injection machines at the same time, you can make a lot more pieces, so the power consumption per piece is less with their machines.

Better quality and presentation, less extra prosses. If for some reason one piece is damaged or without the quality or any error, you can easily recycle it, with their machines there is no waste.

Additionally, 3D printer is by far noisier than their machines.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Common questions

What can I inject with these machines?

Their injection machines are ideal to inject small plastic parts for many industries. Some products that you can inject are toys, kitchen accessories, pet toys, bathroom accessories, gears and mechanisms, accessories for phones, ornaments, make prototypes, mixing colors, and do plastic-color tests, self-defense products, sex toys, dental prosthesis, spare parts, automotive spares, complements for furniture, bicycle spares – parts, motorcycle spare – parts, fantasy jewelry, construction complements and more.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

What kinds of plastic can I use?

You can use any plastic with a melting index above 12. The index is available in the datasheet of the plastic. You can use mainly: Polyethylene (LD – HD), Polypropylene, TPU, SBS, ABS, TR, Impact PS, crystal PS, PVC flexible, nylon, polyamides, compounds with fiberglass, and more. You can use almost every recycled plastic from injection parts, always do your tests first.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

What colors can I use?

You can make any color you want. You can use masterbatch or dust pigment, each has advantages and disadvantages, masterbatch is slower but cleaner, dust pigments are faster to use but they are dirtier. when you change the color, the plastic will be mixed, so you have to waste some plastic, inject parts until the color is uniform. There are specialized purges to help to clean the machine, purges are useful to change color or the type of plastic.


Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Molds are not included with any perk.

The molds for a manual injection machine are by far cheaper than the molds for a hydraulic machine.

Because the molds weigh less than a traditional mold, is easier to work with a small piece of metal. Molds can be easily done in a CNC machine, if you don’t have access to a CNC machine, they will implement a service for you, where you can send the file and they make the mold for you, and if you have a CNC machine they will sell blanks, pieces of metal that you can mill, to make your mold.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Mold blanks is a piece of metal, with one face milled, in the other face you can mill the cavity that you want to make a useful mold. Mold blanks are made of a special alloy, zinc-based. This alloy is very used in the mold industry because leaves a metal without pores, and allows milling the mold easily (metal chips won’t stick to the endmill), with the necessary resistance, with a good cavity finish, and is easy to polish. we have many sizes available. With these blanks you forget the foundry process, you just place the blank in your CNC and mill the cavities of the mold.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

How many pieces am I going to inject a day?

Well first it’s a manual injection machine, it doesn’t work by itself, you can work 1 hour or 10 for example. Also, depending on the practice you have and the kind of plastic that you use. But the thing that influences the most is the size of the plastic part that you are going to inject. You can make 30,000 a day or 300.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Test mold available as a complement

It’s a mold with 4 cavities, with this mold you can test different kinds of plastic, different temperatures and learn how to use the machine. The piece is a “padlock” for bags. You can add this complement to your existing pledge.

Different models

One solution for your needs and budget. Their machines are ideal for: developers, engineers, Hobbyists, a plastic laboratory, small manufacturers, small workshops, entrepreneurs.

Injection machine Make plastic parts cheaper, easier, faster

Basic – Ideal for the ones how wants to have the first contact, with manual injection, great for small productions.

Professional – Ideal for the ones how need more production and a faster, bigger screen.

Premium – Ideal for the ones how need bigger productions. More capacity. Tactile screen with different setups.

Industrial – Ideal for the ones how wants to, the biggest capacity for an injection manual machine 180 cm3, reinforced materials, for harder work. Bigger mold holder. For bigger plastic parts that consume more plastic, with thicker walls more than 2.5mm.

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