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InstantIce | Tunatutu’s Cooling Comforter

We are proud to announce Tunatutu’s new cooling product! InstantIce!

girl with orange InstantIce

It’s a cooling comforter that You could only dream of.
With your support in their silk duvet, their initial project was brought to life. That also gave them wings for the following one. A cooling comforter definitely keeps you cool. Additionally, without overheating in the hot season!

So, let me tell You what InstanIce is!

Instantice design blue

Their exclusive fiber InstantIceis a cutting-edge new invention. Cool your body in the warm summer season. You know that feeling when You are overheated and have a glass of cold water? Well, it’s similar, just muuuuch better!

You will certainly have a wonderful experience with their cooling comforter. Especially during sweltering days when you require something refreshing.

instantice design dark yellow

They collaborated with material specialists for a whole year. Their goal was to make a brand-new fiber. 

This will cool your body the moment you touch it. With the alteration of the thermal conductivity of fiber with nanoparticles, it functions great. Also, ensure the silk of the comforter, no pilling, no snagging. All because of the thick thread as well as the rigorous woven process.

no sticky feeling instantice

The InstantIce comforter is not just a touch of awesome and soft. Also, you can conveniently absorb your body temperature. This will maintain your comfort. Especially during the summertime without worries about getting hot or drenched from outside work.  

great fabric instantice

During summertime temperatures can be out of control.
InstantIce fiber puts warmth and moisture away.

That way assists you to rest at just the right temperature.
InstantIce creates a soft touch and allows you to soak in comfort. As well as relaxes the body and mind. Sleep much better and also awake fresh each morning. Being full of energy is a luxury!

like a cloud feeling

The surface, smooth as well as silky, feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud!
And also not just will this coolness last through the evening. After long periods of time spent relaxing You will remain refreshed.

The feeling of the comforter will go down each time washed, with a regular comforter. But, that is not the case with Sorona InstantIce.

washing without changing texure

Since constructed from a soft, elastic material feels exquisite against your skin, every time. Sorona is a lightweight product. It’s much better than nylon. When it comes to people, but also to the environment. Their comforter is quilted with cleanable silk. It can be washed by the washing machine, in a gentle cycle. Developed with a TENCEL ™ Lyocell fiber shell to keep you cozy all the time. Without overheating!

sorona material

It has outstanding natural recovery. It means You can have the same cool experience after washing it!

What dimension is Twin/Queen/King of our cooling InstantIce comforter?

  • Twin: 68″ x 90″ (173cm x 228cm).
  • Queen: 90″ x 90″ (228cm x 228cm).
  • King/Cal King: 104″ x 94″ (264cm x 228cm).
soft feeling

Do you want to pick the perfect size for your cooling comforter? Well, pick by the size of the bed mattress. The trick is to get a duvet that’s a bit bigger than your mattress. The 8 inches margin on each side of the bed mattress is the perfect measure.
They prepared four various shades. They are all suitable for summer season usage.

colors of sorona
  •  Los Angeles – Dark Blue/Pink
  •  New York – Dark Yellow/Light Yellow
  •  Seattle – Light Purple/Light Grey
  •  London –  Dark Green/Light Green
the desiners of Tunatutu

The Tunatutu’s duvet was developed by a team of stressed-out allergy sufferers and entrepreneurs searching for a better way to relax. We tried and tested many different types of duvets, but nothing really felt right…so we decided to take matters into our own hands! All Tunatutu products are made from 100% eco-friendly materials like silk, TENCEL™, and Sorona®. We are also obsessed with producing our own material to help you feel calm and relaxed for the best sleep of your life.“

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